Thursday, 17 May 2012

Still Hooked!

Due to Time And Relative Displacement Of Space I have had to Temporarily Rehouse All Stuff Hastily hence a delay in blogging and a slight change in creative activity!

I have been concentrating on more portable crochet projects and have found that I have really missed felting...I keep gazing at my hamper of fluffiness and hope to get my hands soapy sometime soon but in the meantime...

I enjoy projects that can be completed in a relatively short time, whilst browsing (or should I say getting completely engrossed in) Ravelry I came across Kaldred by Karie and I love the pattern!

I find them very therapeutic to make

....and I like to use two yarns at a time to add a bit of variety!

There have also been various experiments with butterflies, fish, flowers, and granny squares - which I find great fun and I have a fab idea to follow up.....however
Tracey has written a brill pattern for Jubilee bunting and  I have set out making some for something special happening soon.....

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crocheting Dads!

Thought I'd give a big shout out to men who crochet!
Two of my close friends were taught how to crochet by their of many legacies they passed onto their wonderful daughters...
You can see one of Tracey's dad's fab creations in this blog post .

Remebering both these dads....

Do you know any men who crochet?
Maybe a chap who chains?
a loop loving lad?
a fella that freeforms?
a dad doing doilies?
 or a handsome hunk who hooks?!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tags and Bags

Are you sitting comfortably? As this is a wordy post I thought I'd add a few random bag pictures too!

My vintage (original 70s) granny bag made by mum. It has an amazing twisty silk handle. I have some of the purple wool in my stash!

A few weeks ago Jenny over at the amazing Love and Peas* tagged me.

Here are the rules:
Post these rules
Post 11 things about yourself
Answer the questions provided by the person who tagged you
Create 11 new questions for the person you tag
Go to their blog and tell them they have been tagged!

What a great  challenge! I have been cogitating and deliberating ever since so here goes....

11 novel things about myself:  (I have revealed some other facts in the past)

After my passion for Donny Osmond I became a Bay City Rollers fan and was the proud owner of a pair of Rollers rainbow stripey socks and a tartan bag announcing 'I love the Rollers'.

I have a sizable collection of China Crisis CDs (originally I had cassettes) and I got Eddies autograph after a gig (one of my first student ones). I am also a huge fan of Chris Rea.

The start of my secondary school sewing studies was a rather ambitious skirt. So ambitious I grew significantly in height during its sloooooow production. Thankfully layered skirts were all the fashion so my creative mum rescued it by adding an extra co-ordinated layer. This was one of many half started projects mum patiently finished.

Here it is! Lovely 70s fabric!

I don't like celery.

I had a picture shown on Play School.

My favourite character from the magical  Harry Potter books is Neville Longbottom

I love Mackenzie Thorpe's art

Background noise is essential! Radio 4 in the bedroom, Radio 2 in the kitchen (or R5 live during the footy season at weekends)  and telly in the lounge.

I can be savagely anti-social with a good book, and computer games confuse me!

My first car was a gold coloured Talbot Horizon.

I did a quiz to find out which Top Gear presenter I was most like and it unsurprisingly revealed me as Captain Slow - James May!

Another original 70s bag crocheted by mum still in use! Usually stores my pompom equipment, now has my bookmaking tools!

So to answer Jenny's questions!

  • If you were a flower what would you be? My faves are Freesias - they come in all sorts of colours, have an amazing architectural shape and smell wonderful!
  • If you were an animal what would you be? Has to be a dormouse! They look so cute curled up asleep..though I'm not the right size for a mouse really!
  • If you were a biscuit what would you be?  It would have to be a chocolatey one - preferably chocolate on the inside and covered in a thick layer of chocolate!
  • If you were a drink what would you be?  One with a bit of fizz....
  • If you were a tree what would you be? I'd like to be one that has bright pinky blossom in spring and stunning autumnal coloured leaves that scrunch loudly under foot!
  • If you were a language what would you be?...the language of music?
  • If you were a colour what would you be? mmmmm  preferably a rainbow of colours...but if I had to choose one it would be pink...
  • If you were a art supply what would you be?... an open tube of squidgy oil paint ready to be spread thickly onto a canvas and with a some fingermarked splodges of other colours around the outside of the tube!
  • If you were a super hero  what would you be? It would have to be Bicycle Repair Man....big Monty Python fan!!
  • If you were a musical instrument what would you be? I should say an oboe (as I play one)... whilst learning you sound a bit squeaky but when played well it sounds awesome! However I'd really like to be a trombone for its glorious slides, booming bass notes  and slight comedy element!
  • If you were a piece of furniture what would you be?....a saggy well worn comfortable settee

These are all things I'd like to be...not how I see myself!! Although some do sound a little familiar!

My third gift bag from Tracey's pattern - this one did contain pressies! I used 3 yarns and a huge hook!

Now 11 questions for the people I tag....

What would you put into a new chocolate bar?
Who is your favourite literary hero or heroine ?
Who would you like to meet?
What skill would you like to learn?
Where would you set  the next Bond movie?
Sherlock or Watson?
What is your most memorable fashion statement?
Where is your favourite stretch of coast?
Which Doctor Who alien would you like to see again?
Which is your best decade?
What would you make with lego?

...who are:
Kate at Starfish Studio
Carrad at Faded Reverie
Becky at The Fluff Pot
Sarah at Gingerbread Bunny
Its a bit of  a vague Never Eat Smelly Worms vibe!

Lots of my bloggy friends are really busy at the moment...I hope you all have a bit of fun thinking of possible answers while you work! !