Sunday, 24 January 2016

Breaking Bag!

There's a string bag in our house that gets a lot of use....

it has hung on several nails, in many places, and contained a myriad of things...

its current position is in the bathroom where it is in regular demand.
As it is so well employed it has become a bit more aerated than originally intended

  and has more holes than is functionally effective!

It was suggested we get a new one, but having seen some
  beautifully visibly mended projects I thought it lent itself to some colourful alterations!

A pouchy pocket with skills learned from Linda's string bag tutorial.

 The longer laceration required some freestyle suturing 

It adds a bit of colour and charm to the well loved item and given it a bit of a zingy lift!
It has also met with approval of the rest of the household!

A very relaxing way to spend an evening just randomeandering!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Woolly Warmers...

.....of the neck variety!
A lot of woolly goodies have come my way over the course of the last couple of years, many of them from a friend who works in a charity shop and others from someone who was down-sizing.
A background project that requires a little less concentration is always useful to have on the go and these neck warmers have been fun to hook, although it felt a bit strange crocheting such warm items in the summer!

 This is a variation on Lynn's creative  woven crochet scarf. 
I made one extra long chain and took it for a wander around the mesh, both ends of the scarf have a different pattern!

 I enjoy hooking holey items, they grow much faster and I find them more rhythmical. 
Threading the chain through gives the scarf  less spaces for the wind to blow through!

This zig zaggy granny cowl was hooked with two strands of  DK

and based on a granny chevron from Sarah Hazell's 200 crochet stitches
 as is the one below - bigger needles and opposite orientation

Two blue strands with some back loop working, and button placing inspired by Tracey's cool and versatile  variable cowl

 ...a chunkier version with added grey!

 This is a Sherlock stitched cowl in two reddy strands...another fun and holey one!

These cowls were a great way to experiment with stitches, patterns and yarns. 
They are mostly acrylic, easily washable - and all donated to charity before Christmas.
Spreading a little warmth.
Whilst I can't really claim them as my stashbusters, the yarns were an addition to my stash, Linda continues to have lots of fab stashbusting ideas....every fortnight...for inspiration!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Festive Freeform Fir Forest

Before all the decorations are packed away here are some that winged their way to all corners of the globe!

From the photo below you can see the progression from triangle with recognised stitch
to free-er form!
A larger hook was used to get a more lacey tension...

Experimentations with yarns...
natural sparkle...

 some have cotton threads...

all the yarns are gifts or charity shop gems...

The yarns with varying thickness were fabulous to work with...these are made from one of the cool yarns featured in this find here

 Each is unique as each stitch, or hole, was chosen at random and influenced by the structure of previous stitches or rows....

 Many have sparkly threads too!

I found the whole process very therapeutic, which is probably why so many grew from the hook!
Quite a few escaped the camera!
They have given me inspiration for the coming year, as I hope to dust off my drop spindle, with the intention of creating some textured woolly yarns.
Wishing you a creative, peaceful, hopeful and happy 2016!