Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Candy Floss!

A while ago an idea began to stew, 
for a friend, who had given me one of her beautiful stained glass owls...
she has a liking for Day of the Dead skulls aka sugar skulls.
Whilst having fun with my cotton stash and with spirals on my mind the idea began to take shape and crystallise!

This was the prototype, one strand of variegated cotton and a cream cotton with variegated sewing thread....sweet!

After poking, pulling and prodding,
 musing and meditating, 
cogitating and consulting,
 Mr RW commented on the stitches...
and I thought about spaces!

 Second holey spiral!
...and the backside view with some stitching to form the skull shape - a little asymmetric but I'm sure that's not unusual!

The final piece with crochet flowers, and a needle felted  middle (nose!)

My friend was thrilled with a freeform flavour of an iconic image...
and is hoping to frame it in a box frame!
Its great to see things from another artists view...reminded me to search out some frames....

Its  a tiny spoonful of a  stash bust at 8g!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Cottoning On!

A while ago I followed a link on twitter and came across a project I thought I would share....
Knitted Knockers UK
provide 100% soft cotton breast prostheses, knitted or crocheted by volunteers, free of charge to all women who request them.
They weigh a fraction of the silicone prostheses, and are more comfortable .

As I know a few ladies who have had mastectomy operations, I'm going to have a go at hooking  a knocker and passing it onto the organisation, where it may be used either by an individual or may be sent to a hospital as a sample.
I have tried out the pattern in acrylic and am waiting to splash out on some soft cotton to hook the real thing!
The knitting and crochet patterns, are easily accessible on the website and on the facebook group page, where you can also find a list of the 100% cotton yarns recommended for use.
The facebook group is a very friendly, active and supportive community....any question can be asked!
There is also a pattern for flowers that some knocker makers are using for publicity or fundraising...

The photos in this post are examples of these!
As I'm finding that particular area of the knocker pattern most challenging (counting, as you know is not my forte!)  I have tried  a couple, just to practise the technique.

 Knockering may be a way to use up some of your 100% cotton stash 
(cotton not on the recommended list, that may be a little less soft, can be used for the fronts!)
I know some of you are speedy stitchers and great at following patterns!

Alternatively the organisation might be something you may be able to publicise, at work, a local hospital or pass on information to friends....
there are flyers and information sheets available on the facebook group page.

Whilst waiting for my new cotton I have been  reacquainted with my existing cotton stash ....
expect some cottony posts in the near future!