Wednesday, 30 November 2011


As the season to be jolly fast approaches I have been beavering away making exciting festive felt - hence the silent nights on the blog front! 
There are lots of things still to be finished and as many of my makes are presents I can only reveal small snippets!

The eagle eyed will be able to spot the very useful rainbow pins from Becky's givewaway.
(I have also been putting the rainbow embroidery cotton to very good use, although not for stitching!)

 Can you guess what these shetland merino mixed spheres will transform into?

I love the thickness of these wet felted sheets, which were designed to be double sided
It took me a while to build up the courage to slice them but what an unexpected treat when I did! 
I'd like to say it was part of the design to have a striped side.....but it was just a happy accident which I will be repeating!!
You may just be able to spot the angelina fibres in the top ones and the sari silk in the ones below.

There has been lots of experimenting with how to hang some of my felt pictures, this is the newest idea...glad its on the back as my sewing isn't as neat as I'd like it to be!

Over the last few weeks I have had great pleasure and fun making and wrapping items for my swap partner Jay as part of the snail mail holiday swap.
My parcel is ready for the post....

I'm also really excited to say that when all the festive creativity is over I will have something to start the crafty New Year...a commission!! I'll be sharing lots of ideas with you about this piece as I know it will involve some new skills that I am keen to try!

In the meantime - Happy Advent to you all hope you enjoy the preparations for Christmas! x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Birthday Flowers

There have been two close family birthdays this week. I have given you a sneak preview of their presents:

Here they are in their full glory:

A felty Fuschia  - all wetfelted with mainly shetland, the odd whisp of silk, sari silk and some hand spun and dyed Teeswater yarn from Highside Farm.


a wet and needlefelted poppy...
inspired by this summer photo

I am always learning as I try out new things. 
The poppy started out with four distinct shetland top petals, and I added water to the completely laid out pattern,

however when it dried I wasn't  happy with it as a poppy shape so I placed more blended tops and made it a bit more random!

...and finished it off with a needlefelted middle!

Happy Birthday to two special people!

PS I've had a play with some of my settings so I could display larger images as always much appreciated!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Backs to front!

I've been experimenting this week with lots of ideas for presents, Christmas and birthdays..
I have invested in a bamboo mat, used some 'tutu' net...and re-read some helpful tutorials.
I have also tried to find the optimum winter photo taking position, especially as we have had a few dull grey days.

So.... I have been able to create some more regular shaped 'backs'
  instead of this....

I have learned how to make this..
can't show you the front yet...its a secret..but you might be able to spot a hint of  pink?!
I do have to say though that I like both types of back, the first being a bit more least I can choose the effect I would like now!

I have made some flat pieces for decorations - these will be double sided so you can see the fronts

and the backs...

I just have to learn to let go now and cut into them!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fire! Being Creative

October's theme for Being Creative is Fire...a real gift for a felter!

 I started with a dark background.....wet felting a bit of dark blue merino and some curly black uncarded fleece from a mixed bag, there are still some curls apparent, and the uncarded wool held together suprisingly well.
I didn't take a photo of this stage but this is the finished reverse with sparks of the fire poking through!

A loose fire pattern made from orange, red and yellow merino and shetland with a hint of silk was then wet felted onto the wet background. I also included some red tweed yarn from some short ends given to me by Tracey

I couldn't have made a better autumn leaf shape if I had tried and could have stopped there....but I had a vision of fire blazing so I continued with my initial design and..

... needle felted a combination of the same yellow, orange, and red merino shetland intertwining some purply silk threads to create finger like flames with whispy ends:

I intended to write something to accompany the firey photos but November crept up quickly. 
Curls of fire, Brownie and Cub campfires,  The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and Titian tresses, locks of flowing fiery hair on iconic Pre-Raphaelite women were images that sparked the mind of one creative, imaginative friend who had a sneak preview ....
what does it fire up for you?