Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stash Scarf..

Here's a third stash busting scarf...

made with 2 acrylic yarns 11 half trebles a row..

and a fringe!


There was a glorious sunny day and I re-found a light flooded photo taking spot on the bed!

The March total will include my Easter projects..currently in progress...

but until then February's grand total is...

Scarf 123g + Squares 8g+15g + flowers 5g+8g+ brooches 13g + washcloth 29g 


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Beautiful Blogger Blanket

I first came across the Beautiful Blogger Blanket whilst busy with Christmas preparations, so although I thought it a great idea I keenly watched its progress on Jill's blog Stocki  and enjoyed squares popping up on other square makers sites, without participating. 
When the deadline for squares was extended and I received a Granny squares crochet book for Christmas I decided to take action!

My first square is from the flower square dog coat in Granny Square Crochet by Catherine Hirst.

It was easy to follow and I love the flowery middle.

Those of you who have followed me for a while will realise that I love flower designs and colour however, I like to have a go at something different....
A while ago the perfect project for granny squares  presented itself in the form of  the Doctor's TARDIS.
The layout and windows were designed by RW Junior.
So for all the Whovians here is my second square!

The squares are all 100% cotton from my stash.
It is amazing how each is so unique and behaved differently!

The flower square has from the centre: Wendy Supreme, Rowan handknit cotton and Freedom Sincere.
The Tardis window square was hooked with  Craft cotton, Anchor Style Creativa, and Wendy Supreme.

They weigh in at 8g and 15g

I am so proud to be involved in a project with so many fellow crocheters from across the globe brought and sewn together by Jill.
A huge thank you to her for the inspiration and all the finishing off!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy Birthdays!

February really is full of fun birthdays and celebrations!

It is one year since I made my first chain and became hooked  on crochet...

and two years since the first words were typed onto the Random-Wooliness blog!

I have met so many inspiring creators in that time, learned an incredible amount from the crafting cyber community and made some very good bloggy friends.

Thank you all for your inspirational images, wonderful words.
and encouraging comments.

 This is my 150th post and I hope one of many more to come!

PS flower: 5g!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February fun!

There are lots of celebrations in February hence a quieter blog but hectic hooking!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the petals in progress - they seemed to complement the book I was resting on so perfectly!

 They weighed in at a stash busting 8g!!

I enjoyed making up some of the patterns as I went along or adapting old favourites, also whilst tidying up some boxes a few more flowers were found and added to the  bunch!

Here's the finished posy

I also 'brooched' some wildlife!

The cat,  who looks more tiger-like, is an adaptation of my owl pattern -
two of the creatures have needlefelted eyes  - and one has more experimental beady eyes!
Altogether they busted 13g - paw weight but owlfully great fun!

Happy February Birthdays to friends and family!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cleaning up cotton!

One of the great things about the stash-buster challenge is meeting new bloggers and finding inspiring patterns and projects.

Tammy and Astri have been dishing up delightful dishcloths...so for a friend's birthday I followed Astris pattern

It was easy to hook and I experimented with a different edging from a book I had for Christmas Granny Square Crochet.

As she felt how soft it was, I told my friend she should use it  - as I could always make another when it wore out..

...she phoned to tell me she has put it to good use and it works!

It sinks 29g of cotton yarn!

There will certainly be more cloths in the pipeline!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Secrets and Lace!

There has been a flurry of activity in Random Wooliness HQ...however most of the creations are secrets - for birthdays, other celebrations, or yet to be revealed items! There is an ever growing pile of projects waiting for some natural spring light to be photographed...but I think as many need to be wrapped and given away this week an indoor photo session will be required. 

So in the meantime, as Kate requested a while back, here is a small part of our collection of  lovely  lace creations by my mum
beginning with a promise of spring - Snowdrops.

The first lacey gift from mum something new and blue

- 16 years ago - my wedding garter!

Some Christmas decorations

Tricky to photograph - I only spotted its blurriness when everything was safely packed away!

A hooty owl:

and a delicate Easter Egg

Wasn't sure which background showed it off best  - so you can choose!

Beautiful and intricate - I wish I had half her patience and concentration!