Sunday, 30 March 2014


I really admire Hesta's 1940s style floral brooches, not only does she make the most dainty colourful flowery bouquets but she also teaches others how to make their own. 
Over at Bodkin, her blog, she suggested that larger versions could be made using a hoop. This was great news as I have rather chunky fingers, and as she said it was fun to make your own I thought I'd have a try. 
As I prefer to crochet I began hooking tiny flowers, some from pattern books and others my own modifications.

This hoop is about 6inches across

 the daintier flowers arranged here!

The backside!

The next hoop is about 10inches across...

...with a loomed daisy in the mix!

Both were well received as Mothering Sunday gifts...

33g of stash busted on blooms!

Its amazing what you can find when focussing on individual colours. 
I was about to go and purchase some extra wool for stems, but as I furtled in my wool box look at the varigatedness of greens I already had!

I got carried away crocheting flowers...I now have a flower box that is bursting with blooms..
Jacqui has very generously sent me a couple of hoops reclaimed from charity these are the first of a few hoopy creations! son knows me well...
recipe for a happy Mothering Sunday;
 handmade card, flowers, chocolate and a yummy jammy heart!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Tiddly om pom pom Part two!

Way back in November a request came across the cyber waves from Sense,  for pom poms, to become part of a huge collaborative artwork -  the Tapestry of Touch.
The tapestry aims to raise awareness of multi-sensory impairments and the fabulous work of the charity Sense.

Lots of people joined in the fuzzy fun including Linda and Ali,
and more than six thousand pompoms were received!
The Tapestry is currently on tour, and at the moment is just down the road, at Solihull Arts Complex.
Before setting out I refreshed my memory of Ali and Linda's pompoms, hoping I would be able to spot one or two!

Really the photos can only give you a tiny taste of the spectacular visual and tactile feast...
there are pompoms of all shapes, sizes, colours, materials and textures.
While we were there, a lady who was involved in the tour was taking pictures, she remarked how ingenious many of the pompom makers had been and how they have been overwhelmed with the response. She was interested to hear some of the stories of makers too!

 I'm wondering if some of Linda's lime green creations may be spotted?!? 

 The tapestry forms a colourful cascade and carpet of fabulously feely fuzzyness!
It really is a pleasure to touch and explore!

The blue knobbly pompom is plastic stuffed with plastic balls...

there are pom poms made from t-shirts...

material, plastic bags, hair scrunchies, glittery tinsel...

 and bubble wrap!

This purpley one looked like a multi-legged spider, perched ready to pounce!
 I kept spotting colours that I was familiar with  - quite a few with variegated yarn I have in my stash. Then...just at the rippling wave edge, nestling underneath, propping up a patch of pompom, I spotted a friend!

Amongst the six thousand I had found one of mine!

I pulled him out for a photo and a squidge and nestled him back into position...I'd like to think his dishevelled appearance was a result of being fondled!
Funnily enough - as I looked for a photo to show him with his mates before he was posted, I realised that he's actually probably right next to one of his pals in the woolly huddle!
I'd forgotten  which wool I had pompommed!

If  you posted pom poms I hope you catch a glimpse of something familiar,
 I also hope some of you can get to see, feel and experience the amazing interactive artwork!
There are new dates and venues  being added to the tour as it travels.

I love the texture of wool and cotton as I rhythmically crochet, rub and roll felt fibres, or draft the colourful fluff whilst spinning....
I hope the Tapestry of Touch makes many people think,
it certainly has reminded me that touch is the key for people with sight and hearing impairments...
 the tapestry does makes a powerful statement and
I am very proud to say I am part of it, along with some bloggy friends!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Going with the Flow

Having been fascinated by freeform for a while, the other weekend I decided to go with the flow and followed a pattern link that popped up in my Ravelry suggestions. 
This took me to Marina's blog Snovej,and her amazing tutorials.
 Co-incidentally, at the same time Sarah over at The Gingerbread Bunny had been free-forming, and following links from her pinterest board I revisited Susan's inspiring hyperbolic freeform pages.
Hours of happy hooking followed - just going round in circles, spirals, in front loops, back loops...

Each sculptural piece has a new look ..

when viewed from a different angle..

The spiralling inspired a cotton/bamboo facecloth

...combined with another: scalloped edged square Sherlock stitch,
and a matching soap for a friend's birthday. 

 This piece has three lobes and is made from variegated cotton....when shown to Mr RW he realised it resembled some of the fungi blooming in the garden...

couldn't believe the likeness  - completely co-incidental...or maybe there had been some thought at a subliminal  level!

The two facecloths weighed in at 42g of stashed cotton and bamboo
and the various freeforms amounted to a scumbling of 33g a total of 75g of absolute pleasure!!

 Jacqui, my good friend of Living with Ethel fame, has pictures of her  inspiring spirals and fabulous freeform lichen on her website. She has a real talent for incorporating interesting textures and re-using materials...amongst many colours, shapes and woolly surprises there's plastic netting linked into the lichen.
I'm looking forward to many more memorable moments spiralling and scrumbling...just going with the flow! 


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crazy Randomness

A while back Ali, from The Creations of Crazy Dazy, and I decided to create a collaboration in cyberspace - a few of the same parameters to set us off.... and an opportunity at the end to see how similar or different our results could be!
With the chosen finishing line being Easter we selected a Spring theme and after a hesitant start this poem by John Foster:

It's Spring

It's spring
And the garden is changing its clothes,
Putting away
Its dark winter suits,
Its dull scarves
And drab brown overcoats.

Now, it wraps itself in green shoots,
Slips on blouses
Sleeved with pink and white blossom,
Pulls on skirts of daffodil and primrose,
Snowdrop socks and purple crocus shoes,
Then dances in the sunlight.
From a long list of ideas (as my title suggests I can be a bit woolly - the rest can be kept for another project!!) we pruned the parameters for this project down to include:
something recycled or from a charity shop
and a new stitch or technique.
The colours will probably come to light (or life!) with the planning, and so far I have assembled this basket from my stash! !

 The most important element though is that the whole project should be fun!
 I'm looking forward to getting started - after all, the weather and the gardens are reminding me It's Spring!

During three years of blogging I have met many friends, some from the early days I am still in regular contact with, others I have found more recently.

There are so many colourful and generous people out there in blogland!
Its great to share inspiration, with like minded folk. Ali has lots of great quirky ideas, she designs and knits the most amazing tea cosies, has felted fabulous flowers and has whizzed up some super sewing...amongst many other things...
hope you enjoy exploring her creative blog,
and watching out for the results of our collaboration!

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Whilst watching the swans graciously gliding, I caught sight of their webbed feet paddling profusely beneath the strong tidal river. There was even a comedy moment when one skidded to a halt, at an angle much like the skiers and snowboarders do!
So, as Spring is showing signs of springing and the blackbird sings his tuneful song dawn until dusk, I have been hectically hooking in the background - behind the blogsurface! 

During February I hooked some hearts

This one was for my Valentine...

...Mr RW...

It is made from two strands of the fabulously colourful  Easyknits 4ply I had from my birthday 
last Spring! 

Its amazing to see the zingy colours change with each stitch and its such a pleasure to crochet.
I used my petal pattern from the plarn snowdrop, stitched two together and stuffed the small pouch  with short ends...lots of reminders of my previous projects!

I love the three dimensional nature of the final shape!

....nooks and crannies!

The added bonus is that I can see the wonderful colours everyday, as it is still on display!

From the same wool...this granny pocket heart was sent to a friend ....

and this one, using two different strands, to my Sister-in-Law for her birthday...

All in all a hearty  25gs busted.

My petal pattern has been modified three more times for a couple of Easter projects and another floral motif....looking forward to sharing those soon too!