Thursday, 24 February 2011

.......oops...these 2 missed the last post!

2 things I need to explore are taking photos....sunny spring days are good to capture... and how to place my photos in my posts.... watch this space!!

T-wit T-woo

I needle felted these 2 chaps last week for 2 brithdays.
Their beaks are made from hand dyed Teeswater fleece...its lovely and curly and sooo soft..
I have been needle felting on and off for a couple of years. I enjoy creating different shapes, colours and textures from fluff...but I find that I start off sitting on the corner of the settee and by the time I finish one small project I have taken over half the room and its time to put things away!

Having read lots of crafty blogs I pick up tips along the way and I now try and do things in these 2 hooters started off as discs I needle felted from washed uncarded undyed fleece.
I have since made lots of these discs so I can get straight down to the exciting part next time I get started!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

1st Class Post

I had planned to blog a woolly post...but I had 2 fantastic letters from friends this morning..
I love receiving newsy letters and like to write the odd (lengthy) one too!
I've been really excited about starting my own blog and spend ages reading about other people's inspiring creative and colourful lives online. I txt some of my friends e-mail and fb others....but nothing beats a handwritten surprise envelope stuffed with news!
One of this mornings missives was from a friend I have just got back in touch with via the internet after a gap of several years... we are enjoying catching up on our news using the form of communication we began 32 years ago! Its great reading the style of her phrasing and her familiar handwriting.
The other letter was from a more regular correspondent with very distinctive handwriting...I always recognise her envelopes and she always manages to convey her energy, enthusiasm and spontaneity on paper!
So Thank you to L and T ....reminding me its good to communicate whatever medium we choose!

Monday, 21 February 2011

First Post Haiku!

First post.....blank, clean, space
Reminders of new school books
Plenty of thoughts flow
Bags of creations to share
Initiated blog now!