Sunday, 26 July 2015

Oh I do like... be beside the seaside...which is a little ironic living in the middle of England!
We recently revived memories of a friend's Woolacombe wedding,  enjoying the photos of a beautifully sunny and warm weekend.
For an anniversary present a window of woolly Woolacombe was hooked!

Many sandy strands and bubbly wavelets...

...the green hill in the distance..

 surfs up?!

back view...

...and a different background...

It takes a while to gather materials, so while they were all to hand....

and back

 This has surface crochet footprints on the sand

and in the water

Cuffs have been on my mind for a while....

Loved my visit to a local independent haberdashery shop with an abundant button bounty!

There are a couple of techniques I stumbled upon by happy accident, which I hope to use again!
I really enjoyed my time dipping into the woolly waves!
Hope to wiggle my toes in some real sand sometime this summer! 
Happy Holidays!