Tuesday, 29 October 2013

October totals..

Its amazing how fast the year is flying past!
The season of mists and mellow fruitfullness is well upon us.
Creating is shifting up a gear in anticipation of up coming events!
After many months of cogitating, planning, and daydreaming projects are bearing fruit!

So.. October's tumbling totals
New home - 56g
Scarf - 121g
Poppies - 28g 
1360g +205 = 1565g for the year!

These projects on the go at the moment  - 
at last...this fabulous multi-coloured stash  is being transformed!

A hank of Artesano Aran I purchased eighteen months ago is my new sofa companion...

 Snippets of this fine collection are the next in line to be hooked!

See you in November!

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Some random hyperbolic crochet rounds.....

with needlefelted middles...

...each is unique as I was experimenting with trebles, half trebles,

hook size....

number of stitches into the magic ring...

...and there might have been a few lapses in concentration.. as no counting was
 required... it all adds to the individuality!

I have suggested the recipients put a donation in their local Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal box.

Seven have been made in total (as I had some requests after the first five!)
Stash busting 28g in all.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wrapping up..


There's a real nip in the air this morning, the skies are bright blue and the autumnal leaves are shimmering in the sun, heavy with dew.

This scarf has been hooked with chunky acrylic from the down sizing stash mentioned here

 It will be sent to a local charity to keep someone warm this winter.

There's a background baby blanket project on the go from the same stash source and with a similar destination.

Two tone long narrow scarf:

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Happy New Home

Some very good friends of ours have moved house,,,

Their new home looks a little like this!!

Its exciting finding out where things will reside inside, viewing familiar pictures and furniture in a different light and position!
Their garden is large, green and full of promise - they are looking forward to spotting what grows where and when!
As summer colours fade, and not knowing what is hibernating in their garden, I thought about adding some brightness in the form of consensual yarn storming! 

Using existing blooms and butterflies from other projects, 

hooking more flowers, a heart,
  and adapting a stray hexagon from the Christmas scarf made for someone in the same family...

....a jolly string was made.
It weighed in at 48g and  along with 8g of crocheted cotton bricks on the house card that's 56g busted.

Just after a rain shower on my first visit to my friends new home 
we chose a suitable tree and a couple of appropriate branches

which coincidentally can be seen from the kitchen window.
The next day my friend texted to say it catches the last of the sunlight in the evening!
Hoping they have many happy colourful times in their new family home!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Time Flies!

Sometimes I wish I had a TARDIS and perhaps more hours in the day!

The recipient of the TARDIS and Dobby is a keen young photographer and has very kindly sent some of his fabulous images for me to share. 
They are all so great it was difficult to choose, but here is my selection:

As the TARDIS was an early project its interesting to see how some of my stitches have changed!

The one below has to be my favourite! 

Its great to see the TARDIS and Dobby from a different point of view!