Saturday, 23 June 2012

Flashes of Inspiration 2

...continuing the theme with a linky post...and  sharing something that is a big feature in our house at the moment!

Helen at Creative Chaos Art recently had a series of posts about the Fabulous Star Wars characters she crocheted from Lucy Ravenscar's cool patterns.......there are loads of amazing 'people', elves and creatures I'd love to have a try at making....I'm formulating a wish list.
Browsing  the links on Lucy's blog I discovererd Geek Crafts website and have spent many moments browsing lots of Dr Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Harry Potter and other wonderful crafty bits and pieces with a similar appeal!
As we are working our way through a tardis sized batch of Dr Who DVDs...series by series (its so cool not to have to wait for a week to get to the next exciting instalment)....this inspired me to adapt some granny squares.
Tracey had given me the perfect colour yarn a while ago...I think she'll approve of its use!!
 I explained the pattern of a granny and RW Jnr designed the layout of each it is in progress...

I'd better RUN! and get on with the last square and the roof!...Fantastic!.....
any one fancy a Jelly Baby?
(showing my age there!)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Flashes of Inspiration...

Isn't it amazing where inspiration comes from and when it strikes?

This bloom is from Tracey's summer flower garland pattern..I love the shape and it seems to easily create a regular form...some others I have tried look a little lopsided...
it was perfect for a five year old's birthday card!

I have been hooking lots of trial pieces...I love using variegated yarns and often practise with some of my stash of colourful acrylics....I don't mind that the rows or rounds are not all one colour...during  a granny square I was reminded of the paintings of Ian Stephenson...he uses masses of tiny dots to make up his images (scroll down the linked page to see the image)

I have been inspired to make a granny bag based on the tiny dots in Ian's paintings....

I have bought the yarn...

but was diverted to use a little on my dad's birthday card, he too is a fan of Ian's work.
The day I was due to start the card my reservation from the library was available. In 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets Throws and Afghans I saw lots of dots! So I learned to hook a bobble...and....

this became a crochet picture for dad - I forgot to photograph the finished framed feature!

Tracey's jubilee bunting also inspired a secret project for a special occasion coming soon....

Loadsa ends!!

 Fellow felters often inspire me, and recently   Gill and .Liz in I'll be getting my colourful fluffy fibres, soap and trusty bubble wrap out as soon as possible...just to have a play...

I might even throw a few of these into the mix!

There's part two and three of Inspiration Flashes already forming....
watch this space!
Where have your flashes come from recently?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Rabble....

of Butterflies!

Recently we celebrated  a friends wedding. The colour theme was right up my street  - bright pink and purple....

This butterfly was made with my fave hand-dyed Teeswater yarn ...and has, yes you've guessed it, a needlefelted middle!

I was so honoured to find that the Bride wore her butterfly on her wrist during the ceremony and all the photos!

I love the pattern ..its very rhythmical...

and the circular flower transforms into.....

....a beautiful butterfly

 .. a rainbow one!

By happy co-incidence at the same time as I was playing with my technique...Helen was hooking butterflies too!

As for a rabble of butterflies...I think I prefer their other collective noun...a flight!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I have abandoned my intended post mid-construction to pass on some excitement! If I left it until I had completed the said page I fear the closing date might for one of these news items may have been and gone! I'm being incredibly slow at the word to blog action at the moment!

So....first of all the exciting news that the fabulous felt makers Tracy at narkeymarkey and Angela at a life of felt are organising an exhibition
 to celebrate the fourth international day of felt, on theme of  
The dying of the sun -  a meditation on fire. 
A message to all my felty friends -  they are calling for submissions -  all the info can be found here and here
What a fabulous subject - bound to spark a flame of  inspiration!
It gives me a nudge to explore and extend ideas from my firey piece from last November...
can't wait to get back to felting again hopefully sometime soon I might get some space in my house and week!

The other slice of excitement is the arrival of my labels! I asked Fiona from craftedHOME  via Folksy to make them and they are fab! 

I gave her an idea of typeface and colours and she sent a pdf before printing them. I'm really pleased with them and am itching to make something so I can use one!!