Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dasy Daisy!

One of my friends is a big daisy is her birthday this week...

A needlefelted flower loomed bloom...

a glass brooch daisy made for me by my sister-in -law....

the real thing growing quietly in a shady corner....

Happy Birthday L xxx

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Summer blooms

I am always searching for something to pick up and put down, that does not require too much thought, and will keep my fingers busy whilst watching telly!
I did try crochet...several times....
until about a year ago when I invested in a flower loom!

Since then there have been many blooms created and given as gifts (you may be able to spot one you are wearing?!) and are they are gradually making their way onto my cards....

This is my most recent bunch...

Some are looped from donated yarn.... you may recognise your colours....

others use multicoloured  yarn  - a petal potpourri....

  These two pinky purple ones are created from the same batch of hand-dyed hand spun Teeswater fleece from Highside Farm in Middleton-in Teesdale (Liz at That Fuzzy Feeling has been there!)

Just from one skein the  heathery colours are so different.

All of the crop have one thing in common........

....a needlefelted middle!

I think I'll keep the garden collection growing....

Hope you have a blooming marvellous week!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

More Pavement Art

Having blogged about the random pavement jigsaws near us imagine my excitement when we stumbled upon THE most impressive pavement markings on the way to a friend's house. 

Of course they all have deep meanings (and some of them do relate to depth!!) but they make the most amazing patchwork of pavement art. 

 Its difficult to capture the overall impression - it's as if the street is a long, slender tattooed limb!

Not sure what the residents thought as I snapped away at the floor! 

This one has all 4 colours !
Wonder how long they will stick around, the weather has dampened their glow over the weeks but I still think they're amazing!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Changing colours

I am always amazed how many colour changes there are during the production of a piece of felt; from light, airy, dry fluffy tops,
to dry fixed and solid wet felted pieces, via athe soggy soapy stage!

The most impressive examples of this would have been my recent 'brown pieces'... if I had taken pictures of the original fluffy dry step.....I only remembered when gazing at the extremely dark and damp felted middle stage!

 This is how light it is when dry!

I'm  not sure which way up?

I love the wiggly alpaca!

Both this and the other study in brown  will be winging their way to the next stage of transformation very soon!

Not sure if you can 'frog' a blog, but this one has been deleted and edited several times!!
Hope you all have happy and peaceful weekends  - dodging the predicted showers!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hardware vs software

We've had a few gremlins in our computer and most of my time over the last week has been devoted to hardware rather than the softer-ware of feltiness! 
So -in true Blue Peter style  - here's one I prepared earlier!!

The background is chocolate shetland, layered with Falling leaves Merino and silk blend from Wheeldale Woolcrafts. The detail on the top includes some very soft streaks of  alpaca amongst other fibres.

As the background is so busy the alpaca has got a bit lost visually although you can feel it and see it up I intend to make another piece to show it off more ....and then both will be given to the friend who gave me the alpaca for her to weave her sewing magic and transform it into something else!!

I originally intended to create tree bark...and it reminds my friend of a stream (there's quite a bit of green in there - in real life)..isn't it great how we all see things differently?!!