Sunday, 28 December 2014

Granny Pocket Christmas Hearts

One of the joys of Christmas festivities is catching up with friends and family, in person or through cards, letters, phone calls, texts, facetime, blogs, e-mails, twitter or facebook...

These granny pocket hearts with a Christmas twist have been hooked and sent with love to friends and family through the post...

 a special surprise in their pocket!

 Each unique - just like the recipient!

Wishing you peace and happiness too!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Coasting towards Christmas!

There has been lots going on at RW HQ!
Most of it has been designing, planning, prototyping and tweaking!
So much cogitation that the poor camera has been forgotten.
One birthday present escaped without its portrait, it will be snapped in-situ over the Christmas holidays and make an appearance in the New Year!

Much of the making is still top secret, 
although a recent commission, for mum to air-mail to her friend, can brighten the long evenings here:

A couple of coasters, the same pattern as these
 made in the warmth from the fire rather than the sun!
They are chunky, to cope with warmer winter beverages,
 and hooked with two strands of cottons used in these.
This one was my prototype, a little lightweight for the purpose...

They are currently coasting to the States!
Hope you have many bright moments this Advent.