Sunday, 30 September 2012

As its Sunday...

here are some summer holiday shadow shots....

...and one of my faves from last summer...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Owl Pattern

Huge 'Thank You's to everyone leaving such encouraging comments on my relatively new crochet  skills - I can't believe its only 8 months since I started hooking - once I got a rhythm I have had such fun! Please keep giving it a go if you would like to day it might click!

A while ago I introduced these little feathery friends...

and was quite amazed when someone requested the pattern! So Becky  - here it is especially for you! Its the first time I have written my scrawly notes into something coherent for someone else to follow  - so please let me know how it works!!

Random-Wooliness Owl pattern: UK terms
Start with a magic ring and chain 3. Now hook 14 Trebles into the ring and join with a slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the 3 chain. Pull on the short end to gently close the hole.
Chain 3 and join to the body with a slip stitch into the same stitch.
Slip stitch into the next 4 stitches. Chain 3 and join to the body with a slip stitch into the same stitch (ie 4th slip stitched stitch).
Finish off - I tend to use the wrong side as it has different texture, by giving the finished stitch a good pull as you wrap it round the back (in my case the right side!) you can create a notch similar to the one you have on the other side.
I have embellished mine with needlefelted features although felt or buttons may be used.

You may have noticed I like to add a splash of colour - this one is worked with 2 yarns on a bigger hook! Although the way the contrasting colours have worked makes his 'ears' a little quirky

I did experiment a bit with the ear - like bits - you could try just 3 slip stitches across the top to adjust the angle. I also tried a picot style but that owl would need to be a long eared one!!

......seen from a different angle they seem to shrink!

I am hugely aware of issues of copyright around blog-land and I'm sure whilst swooping around your brain picks up lots of images as you are browsing. As far as I know I have not seen an owl with the pattern above, however as it is so simple there may be others out there...hoot if you see one!

I have been doing loads of  fiddling, with stitches, yarns, scribblings and patterns, learning a lot as I fumble about. I have always been a bit of a rebel when following instructions or counting (particularly in music) so its quite fun to make it up as I go along!!
 I realise lots of talented people are working hard creating patterns to make an income - but for me, with my fledgling crochet skills its an amazing form of procrastination!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I have always collected scraps...of paper, ribbon, card, string...or yarn and fluff (though I do draw the line at the sock variety!). 

Short ends of yarn have been really useful for mouths

swirly needlefelted middles

pumpkin stems

 and many more exciting adventures!

When Linda introduced me to TUSAL I had an idea for using some really special ends of Rowan Colourscape Chunky from my flower loomed blooms

I love the way the yarn changes colour and has speckles of rainbows all the way through. Last week I  had the chance to make three pieces of felt and a couple of them re-used those special short ends..

This is for a special present project... is double sided

and quite thick..

I love the fluffy first stage!

There's some longer pieces on this one!

 ..again it has an interesting back...

So.... some of my Totally Useless Stitch A Long items become Totally Useful SALs!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

September, season of....

stunning sunsets, indescribable vibrant colours splashed across the sky, 

or subtle pinky orange washes against various blue hues...

many hours gazing through the window as the colours fade....

Wetfelted piece inspired by sunsets...

...that is after the curtains are re-opened following the dazzling brightness of the low bright sun, piercing through the gaps in the shadowy buildings, directly at eye height and preventing tv or book focusing!

September, season of chilly breezy though sunny days a stray fallen leaf blown towards the back door...wondering whether this will be the penultimate outdoor drying day......a large camouflaged moth hiding from an ever increasing army of spiders and their webs. 

September, season of Saturday afternoons glued to overexcited commentators discussing matches full of hope for the early top positions and announcing goals galore.

September, season of increased carpet debris - the annual festooning of new school grey and black sock fluff, and short ends of grey thread used to turn up ever expanding trouser legs!

September, season of planning creations for family and friends...beginning lists for autumn and winter birthdays and Christmas....(no picture -  they're secrets!)

September, season to relaxingly reminisce over the sunny summer holidays... some hours snatched by the sea...

What are your September seasons I wonder?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Dying of the Sun -

a meditation on Fire.... my last post finished with a this one starts with a small detail of the balls of fire sparked by The Dying of the Sun - a meditation on Fire:

The public exhibition runs from Saturday 6th until Sunday 14th October 
at The Barn Gallery, The Bield at Balckruthven, Tibbermore, Perth PH1 1PY

It has been organised by the fabulous and friendly felter Tracy and Angela to celebrate the fourth annual International Day of Felt.

This week I have posted 3 items to be included in a collaborative piece...I am really excited about being part of this interesting and inspirational project alongside some very talented felt makers (including a friend of mine, Penny).

I will reveal more of the firey photos nearer the time, but in the meantime anyone nearer the venue might like to book the dates of the exhibition in their diary....

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Birthday Rainbow Owl!

When I began to crochet earlier this year I made a list of projects...(written in longhand in a notebook!)...that I would like to of them was the fab Emma Varnam's Cutie Hootie Owl.
Thinking that it was a long term aim to be able to make something with shape, a pattern and with more than four rows I had forgotten all about it until  I re-read my little list. I printed off the pattern and with a special little lady's fifth birthday in mind a rainbow version was begun. It was completed with greater ease than anticipated due to Emma's detailed instructions and some obsessive stitch counting!
So without further ado.. here he is..made with a larger hook and therefore a little bigger..but still cute..I hope!

He's a little shy so maybe if you read a bit further he might feel more comfortable and show his true colours! He has the usual Random Wooliness needlefelted features and was photographed just as the sun was setting on an August evening...quite an appropriate time for an owl to come out!

Emma describes her Cutie Hootie Owl as 'a perfect little mascot for those back to school blues' as he can carry a little message under his wing.
Rainbow owl carried a birthday message...

 but he could equally have sent a 'Happy First day at School' as the recipient has today had the excitement of her first school day!

I'd like to wish everyone starting (back) at school or college a 
Happy and Successful New Year
(one reader especially who is bravely (re) tackling a tricky subject)! 
The message of course includes those who are teaching and/or learning....which often goes both my Granddad always said...'You learn something new every day'!

Sadly the time at which the photos of Rainbow Owl were taken is now engulfed in darkness due to the shortening of days...however the sunny September weather we are having here is creating some stunning sunsets!
That brings me seamlessly onto my next post.....
but you'll have to wait a little for that....