Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Many Happy Returns

I have been enjoying going round in circles again recently....
making rings full of colour and fun for friends!

This one was commissioned for a very good friend's mum...

....who is a lover of robins...

..and the garden..

 The robin can be viewed from either side!

An action shot!

This is for someone with a name beginning with ....

Inspired by our big box of ironable beads...
....a Tardis...

...Deathly Hallows... 
with a triangulated circular bendable bangle...

...and a homage to The Big Bang Theory 
(Bazinga was a step too far in small bead art!)

I have so many circular ideas going round in my head - including some seasonal ones....I'm fortunate that the local charity shops are full of sparkly bangles of many sizes!

Thursday, 21 July 2016


On Saturday I visited my first fabulous fibre festival - Yarningham, brilliantly organised by stitches and hos
It was not far away, in the new community hub of Stirchley Baths, recently refurbished, with oodles of charm - I loved the tiled walls and the bright spaces!
There were plenty of exhibitors: producers, dyers and makers, from near and far!
A feast for the senses - lots to see, squidge, smell, plenty of chatting and cakes (not just of the yarn variety!) So much colour and texture I was really spoilt for choice!
There were workshops and demonstrations by the Birmingham WSD guild.
Great squeals of excitement  accompanied the arrival of two alpacas - seeing them strolling past the door in urban Brum was a surreal sight!
I did a quick browse all the way round, chatting to some of the very talented and helpful exhibitors, then made my way back to purchase some items!

 These inventive stitch markers are from Yarnistry - so bright, cheerful and very useful!

Couldn't resist some Whovian and other dainty stitch markers from Owl about Yarn

There were so many fantabulously colourful yarns and fibres, it was difficult to choose, 
but Yarn Angels are a new duo of dyers from just round the corner! 
Not only did I love their colour combos, but the names were imaginative too - I am now the proud squidger of a Bird of Paradise, 

 and neon 8os movie inspired yarn!

I was intrigued by other names in their range: Unicorn Fart, Dragons Breath, Toxic Waste, Toad of Toad Hall and Bruce Banner vs Hulk....such inventive creations and colours!

You can see more pictures of the excitement on the stitches and hos blog....
Hope there'll be another one next year....

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A pocket full of rainbows!

Recently my well loved cotton drawstring coin purse developed a hole - I'd been on the look out for a replacement for a while, and not being deft with a needle and thread, I decided to crochet one!
 It was a chance to indulge in two of my new passions!
The first: Tunisian crochet, I am well and truly hooked!
 It seems a bit out of kilter for someone who enjoys freedom from counting and form.
 However I love the way the stitches build up on the hook, then slip away, 
the rhythm and relaxation of on 
and off, 
as I'm a beginner I go slow and steady - calming and tranquil.

I was inspired and guided by the fabulous photos and instructions in Tracey's new book...
and spurred on by Valentina's love of Tunisian crochet.
I used my second passion.....
The stripes were sublime!

   I tried a woolly template (in another WYS wool)  with a drawstring, 

 but the top was a bit bulky and did not close fully.
Exploration on the internet located a flexible snap frame 
(excellent speed and service, thank you Julie!)
and with a bit of experimenting on the logistical front...

 and a dc border all around (I love inside-out seams) 
I am really happy with the result!

I have made notes of what to change to make things easier

and hope to make some more soon!

Its a joy to see the zingy rainbow, in my bag!

I just love the feel, colours and texture of the Aire Valley....and it really smells woolly!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Wood you believe it....?

....I've posted another parcel!

Another fun project found on the wonderful web!

This wiggly woody wonder is making its way to Sheffield University

All the details can be found here.

This started as a short foundation chain...

...I hooked 1htr in the first stitch, 2 htrs in the second, round....

...and round....

...and round until the variegated wool ran out!

I think there's about 25g wiggling around!

Looking forward to seeing other forest features and the whole hyperbolic happening!