Sunday, 26 July 2015

Oh I do like... be beside the seaside...which is a little ironic living in the middle of England!
We recently revived memories of a friend's Woolacombe wedding,  enjoying the photos of a beautifully sunny and warm weekend.
For an anniversary present a window of woolly Woolacombe was hooked!

Many sandy strands and bubbly wavelets...

...the green hill in the distance..

 surfs up?!

back view...

...and a different background...

It takes a while to gather materials, so while they were all to hand....

and back

 This has surface crochet footprints on the sand

and in the water

Cuffs have been on my mind for a while....

Loved my visit to a local independent haberdashery shop with an abundant button bounty!

There are a couple of techniques I stumbled upon by happy accident, which I hope to use again!
I really enjoyed my time dipping into the woolly waves!
Hope to wiggle my toes in some real sand sometime this summer! 
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ruby Stripes

A few weeks ago friends of ours celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. 
One of them is a big fan of Bridget Riley, she invited me with her to hear Bridget in conversation during this exhibition.
The stripes in Bridget Riley's work inspired a crochet piece for the couples anniversary card!

Started with two rows of 20 stitches for each red....

 ...some in back loops for texture...

Congratulations to the fantastic couple - and hope they have many more happy years together!

Saturday, 9 May 2015


The spring months bring many birthdays for family and friends....

a pastel heart with a vintage vibe to match the new colours of a young lady's bedroom

 several yarns and threads crocheted with a chunky hook

with a co-ordinating flutterby!

Another hanging heart...

I love the colours of this wool...I picked it up on holiday last summer....
the cake had no label but I was told it was a DK British sock wool that didn't catch on. 
It is hooked with two strands - one from the centre of the cake, the other the outer end,
and is combined here with a thin variegated cotton thread...

It was given with this card - one of several being sent this year!

This red rosy bloom is a combination of an altered commercial rose pattern and my own daffodil petal pattern...I played a bit of woolly roulette with the last of my red sparkly yarn, hooked along with another thin red!

It has been worn with pride this week by my friend.

The next two presents use exactly the same wools...

A textured purple cashmere and wool blend, (from the same holiday shopping as above!), a pink and purple teeswater hand-dyed, and a purple cotton cashmere blend (generously donated to my stash...)

The lighting prevented true colour capture, I had to make the most of strong sun between very grey days!

The knobbly bits can be moulded into many shapes!

The second item, a present for my talented, creative friend Jacqui,
you may have seen here on her fabulous blog

the body of the pouch with the cashmere/cotton blend is hooked using 'Sedge'
 from Sarah Hazell's200 Crochet Stitches

the freeform flap a spontaneous addition: the original drawstring idea was a bit bulky,
and I fancied a little less formal structure!

For my birthday, Jacqui very kindly sent me this vibrant knitted pumpkin pin cushion..

with crochet green leaves!

It gives me the feeling of nostalgia, and squidging it today I realise it reminds me of childhood lovingly knitted cardigans, jumpers..and hats!

One more photo....I have found a book to alter - I'm going to re-read it before I get started, although my mind is already racing with ideas!