Saturday, 4 February 2017

Toasty Fingers!

Way back in October I mentioned my love of fingerless mitts, and the possibility of more hand-dyed wools to hook. 
Before getting my hands on the hand-dyed I had a request from a male relative for some woolly mitts.
I remembered Tracey recommending Wendy Ramsdale and ordered some from the internet to try.
 I LoVe it!

It was great to work with and hooked a quick pair of thumbless mittens

 I'll definitely be using more Ramsdale.
 While I was out and about in January I spyed some sale wool - never able to resist a bargain some Rowan felted tweed

found its way home with me and was transformed into some warm navy fingerless mitts.
Both pairs have been worn and are warming hands through the winter!
Be prepared for a blast of colour in the next few posts!

1 comment:

crazydazy said...

I'm a big fan of fingerless mitts too. You did well getting the Rowan yarn at a bargain price.