Thursday, 24 February 2011

T-wit T-woo

I needle felted these 2 chaps last week for 2 brithdays.
Their beaks are made from hand dyed Teeswater fleece...its lovely and curly and sooo soft..
I have been needle felting on and off for a couple of years. I enjoy creating different shapes, colours and textures from fluff...but I find that I start off sitting on the corner of the settee and by the time I finish one small project I have taken over half the room and its time to put things away!

Having read lots of crafty blogs I pick up tips along the way and I now try and do things in these 2 hooters started off as discs I needle felted from washed uncarded undyed fleece.
I have since made lots of these discs so I can get straight down to the exciting part next time I get started!

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