Sunday, 12 February 2012



Here is a surprise post - and for me a very exciting one!

This is my first flower bunting/hanging decoration...
thanks to Tracey for sowing the seed a while ago!

Its also the first of a few fun felted birthday presents being given this week.

I knew the best way to connect the flowers was to hook a cord..however, as I have tried so many times to crochet without success I decided to plait instead.

As it needed to be quite a length I kept getting my yarns in a knot - not to mention my knickers!

So once again I thought I'd try..I got out a tiny hook, some thin yarn and a book I was given for Christmas last year - the crochet pages of which had not been turned....

and.....I did it!! 

I raced out to buy a larger hook for chunky wool and I made the cord, sewing a thread of bright green through it afterwards to add some extra colour.

So here is the bunting - loomed flowers with needlefelted  middles sewn onto a crocheted cord!

I am restricting myself to a foundation chain until I get the rhythm...walking before I can run..but I am so pleased I have started!

Any beginners tips or tutorials gratefully received from fellow bloggers who crochet so well and have inspired me to have another go!!

Its also the first time I have used crochet in my labels!!

Off to hook another chain...and dream up some ideas of how to use all these chains I am making!!?!


Unknown said...

Hooray! Well done and it really is a very small step from the chain to double crochet, so I can see you combining crochet and felt in all sorts of projects now!
What beautiful and very original bunting (I don't recall seeing anything like it and I seem to spend half my life blog hopping!). Those loomed flowers are so pretty. Your bunting would also look very sweet wrapped around a wicker basket.
Keep up the good work!
Becky x

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Hello Ali, hopping in very quickly to say hello after my long absence! What a lovely post to return to...I love your bunting, it's very very pretty!! I have tried and failed at crochet so many times, so I am enjoying your success! Liz x

Creative Chaos Art said...

That's lovely!
I personally have found this site very helpful when it comes to understanding stitches and patterns with crochet:
Helen xx

Tracey Todhunter said...

How fabulous, welcome to the happy world of hook and yarn xx

Melody said...

WOW, awesome flowery bunting ~ That would looks and fanflowery-tabulous decorating our tent at a craft fair! I must learn to loom~ :))) I bet you to "staple" them to a nice big wide hunk of ribbon too...
Congrats on your crochet chain, can't over any advice on that.... I can only barely get thru a granny square!
Happy Valentines Day!!
p.s. Did your knickers unknot?

Ali said...

Thanks everyone - finding a bit more of a rhythm and have learned quite a few stitches now..
Got lots more flowers to get bunting with!!!

Ali said...

..knickers currently unknotted...but it is a regular occurence!! xx

Sara Millis said...

Love teh crochet Flowers... 3D is a bit beyond my new crochet skills at the moment, but I think I might have a go!