Thursday, 9 May 2013

Outer Space!

Having created some curiosity with the bumps in the last post - here is the next stage in the process!
My two friends, and a colleague of one of theirs, are striding out in London on Saturday night to walk the  MoonWalk.
They asked if I would help to titivate their bras, and with the theme of Outer Space we came up with a friendly alien design!

So.... meet the friendly aliens

Penny Brohn Cancer Care has a purple theme so all the aliens have followed suit!

This is a super chunky purple yarn with a shiny thread added whilst hooking. The hook was way smaller than suggested so the shape just organically happened!

All the aliens have needlfelted facial features!

This couple of soft aliens have two strands of purpley pink 100% wool, (one plain, one with a few greeny bits) and some of the shiny thread. 
All the faces are circles of crochet with various increases during rows to make them three dimensional!

It was amazing how much purple wool there was in my stash - I didn't think I was a purpley person!
Total bust-ed: 185g

Two purple acrylics and  a metallic purple made up the other alien faces. The metallic was the only yarn bought for the project.

The pairs of antennae are at this stage interchangeable.
They are made from:

a circular (well mostly!) piece of wet felt, with surface texture or design added, and a doubled piece of floristry wire sewn into the middle of the circle. 
The sharp ends were concealed with a scrap of yarn. 
Running stitch, sewn round, near the outer edge, was pulled gently before the floristry wire was bent at 90 degrees just below its loop. 
A small wodge of toy stuffing was prodded into the gap just before it was tightly pulled and sewn to form the squidgy ball at the top of the antennae.
There are no sharp ends protruding and the wire is designed to be coiled for added springy boingyness!

All faces and antennae have been handed over to the intrepid walkers to be sewn onto their bras. They can experiment with the optimum length and position of the antennae - for maximum impact and minimum impedance whilst walking!

However before hand over there was a chance for them to visit another habitat

a spring garden

 in the sun

Its been great fun working together on  this exciting project -
I've just received this fab photo of furry funky aliens ready to roll!
 I am looking forward to seeing more photos on their next journey  - walking the walk in the moonlight in London!

Wishing my friends all the very best as they step out with fellow MoonWalkers,
raising money and awareness for this very worthwhile cause.


crazydazy said...

all is revealed!,....these are great, ali

Hindustanka said...

Lovely aliens! Such a wonderful idea to make them into bra cups! All the best for the event :)

September Violets said...

So funny! I hope you get a group shot of your friends actually wearing the aliens ;) Enjoy your evening out! Wendy

linda said...

I think they are the cutest aliens I have ever seen Ali I'm sure your friends will find the walk so much fun with their bra's suitably titivated with these little fella's :)

Ana BC said...

funny little creatures. You are very creative!

Hilde said...

How creative, Ali :) The aliens turned out very sweet.

Karen said...

Love them!! They are so alienish! x


Your friendly Aliens are very very cute.. Hugs Judy

Starfish Studio said...

I think these are my favourite pieces of random wooliness so far (although I'm very attached to my little blackbird that's hanging beside my desk).
What a fabulous idea. I'm sure they'll bring a smile to lots of faces :)
Kate x

Ashley said...

Hahaha these are hilarious and adorable. It must be fun walking around your house and yard, seeing crocheted birds, dragonflies, aliens, and all manner of other creatures everywhere. (If you keep them up, of course)