Thursday, 4 July 2013


I had some wonderfully colourful birthday presents a couple of months ago

These two cakes came from an exciting new crafty shop recently opened nearby.
 It caters for all stitchers!

It was difficult to choose from all the exciting colours and textures; a fabulous feast for the eyes and fingers!

Very helpfully a winding service is offered for a donation to charity..well worth it to save the air at home going blue!

The wool below is 55% BFL and 45% silk 4ply  in Lemon Rind, it is sooo soft, has lots of yellow tones and is one of the shops own hand dyed yarns.
I'm sure I'll be back for more of their wonderful unique colourways.

These vibrant colours are a Superbiffle - Carousel from Easyknits.

As the choice was so tricky RW Jnr had the final say on this one!
I had taken a photo of some Easter blooms earlier in the week we went shopping, as I had been captured by their colour combinations and thought it might be useful for future projects.
 When we returned home I wondered if we had all been influenced by the vibrant tulips?

Another present I received, from my sister-in-law just shows how much she gets my love of colour, and bags!

My fabulous friend Tracey from school and blogland picked up a thread I had mentioned and sent me a new toy!

I have had a couple of spins! 

The first was really a non-starter, but after a bit more reading and video watching I did get moving and a bit of fluff was spun!

As I usually hook or felt small pieces I am aiming for some arty yarn with plenty of colour, variable texture and weight (just as well!!) so hope to use some of the future spun yarn in my projects!
Whilst adding to my yarn stash I am busting my fibre!
I am really pleased I have been using some of my collected wool in the stashbuster challenge as it has made me appreciate the new additions even more!
I wonder what this will be.....?


linda said...

Lovely Yarn Ali, how could you resist! can't wait to see what you make with it. I love your bag what a great gift! :)

Hindustanka said...

Lively colors!~ The tulips definitely influenced you :) same color palette!
I look forward to see what you make with that yarn. The bag you got is so nice, so colorful, yea!
Have a wonderful day, Ali!

Jo said...

Hi Ali haven't called in for ages. You have some great stash there for some great projects. I will call in to see them in action. Jo x

Ana BC said...

Can we really help buying more yarn? The good thing is that you are using what you have ;-) Looking forward to seeing your projects...

Hilde said...

I love the colours of your new yarn, can't wait to see your future projects :) And the bag is gorgeous, what a lovely gift!

crazydazy said...

never mind the stash busting - a girl can never have too much yarn - such lovely thoughtful gifts too,
any project thoughts for the new wool? ali

Willow said...

That is so neat, have always wanted to spin !
I had thought of you this week .. as your posts DID indeed inspire me to pull out my crochet hook. We had a heat wave so when I sat in our one air conditioned room I would crochet. I have finished up four lovely scarfs for Fall weather :)

Lisa said...


I've got somehting for you on my blog.


Ashley said...

Oooh a new craft store? You are so lucky. Those yarns are beautiful - I really like the different shades going on in the yellow piece.

The Michael's near me just got in some amazing metallic-y coloured, super soft, wool/acrylic yarn that I really must make blankets and scarves out of... but I'm making myself hold off on buying it for now, because apparently I find crocheting to be more of a cold-weather activity - I don't really want to store 50 extra skeins of yarn until October. ;)