Sunday, 4 January 2015

O Christmas Tree....

... it has become a family tradition for our tree to be covered in just lights on the first and last night it stands in the house. 
It helps to gradually ease the senses into the shimmer of shiny bright festivities, and
towards twelfth night enables some quiet reflection as the season closes.
  As I type there is a strong pine scent and there are twinkles of coloured lights like warm house windows, winding up an earthy velvet dark green hillscape.

Christmas trees have featured more prominently this year as crocheted trees were given as gifts to local friends and family.
With an idea in my head, there were plenty of prototypes, ranging from three dimensional, top heavy, saggy bottomed, uneven, to unrecognisable!
Having wrestled with the tree idea for several weeks, and ready to drop it in needled frustration,  a calm suggestion from Mr RW made everything fall into place and the simple design was created.

An even strip of crochet, simply sewn up the middle!

Some with embellishments!

some with fancy stitching, many with two or more strands

and a fuzzy one!

Front and back!

These elegant evergreens are hooked from the most wonderful hand dyed British wool from  Wheeldale Woolcrafts, given to me by my fellow woolly wonder, Tracey!
It has an amazingly rustic rough texture and smells deliciously of.....wool!

In contrast, the base for the other green conifers is a softer nubbly British blend bought on summer holiday, specifically for this purpose, from Woolmouse in Barnard Castle.

The one on the far right with the red strip is the first, very experimental, sapling. It has an abundance of short rows (the others have two long rows)  and a variety of stitch combinations!
We pruned it a little, displayed it and have grown to love its earthiness, even if it didn't make the group forest shot!

Wishing you a treemendous start to 2015 with lots of hapPINEss!


Unknown said...

Cute little trees!
Happy 2015 to you also.

Unknown said...

Glad your frustration didn't get the better of you and you persevered with these little beauties. They look fabulous and so colourfully diverse.
There's always a solution if you look hard enough. Love the sound of your light tradition .... what a good idea. Didn't realise it was twelfth night tonight! Thought it was tomorrow. Off to take down the decorations.
Jacqui xx

Janet said...

What a lovely simple, but effective idea. Congratulations on your perseverance, it was worth it.
Best wishes for 2015.

Hindustanka said...

I Loved each and every little tree Ali! What a fab idea. Looked like a cartoon settings to me :)
Happy new year! Be blessed!

crazydazy said...

What a great idea.... I wish I'd thought of that! Love the final photo of your forest.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

love your little trees, and lucky you to have a real tree in your home. Our tradition is to take the tree down between new year and back to work!

busybusybeejay said...

what a great idea!.So simple but so effective.Barbara

linda said...

I love you little trees Ali what a lovely idea. All the very best for 2015 :) xx

Amy at love made my home said...

How utterly fabulous are these!!!! I love them! Happy New Year! xx

Unknown said...

Simple but beautiful, a great idea! : ) A belated Happy New Year! xx

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I do like this idea. I must get back into crochet and do a little here and there. I keep buying books but not actually doing any, I am into painting at the moment but really do want to do some crochet
I will be following you