Monday, 17 August 2015

Random Wooliness!

A long time ago.... Linda's stashbusting project really captured my imagination.
I had bags and boxes of  random wool stashed all over, just waiting for those perfect projects!
As a result of Linda's inspiration, I've busted some of my stash and kept notes of the gs that have been put to good use.
Not only did the stashbusting have an effect on the volume of hoarded wool, it opened my eyes to new ideas, and I have found inspirational fellow busting bloggers.
However,  the whole project has really encouraged me to think about my purchases! 
Ever since joining the group I have only bought reduced or odd balls of wool that I have a use for, ideally British where possible.
I accept donations from other woolly minded folk and
I really enjoy searching for charity shop oddments. 
Its exciting to rise to the challenge of transforming other people's woolly donations.
As most of my makes are small I have the flexibility to do this, and my increasing love of freefrom also lends itself to the use of an eclectic range of exotic spare threads!
Recently I have unearthed some real gems:

Falcon by Post.... 75% Courtelle


 and some fab Jaeger.... I always enjoy a reference to the North East too!

Having spent a substantial amount of time tidying up our spare room and squishing my stash (in more ways than one!!)  I've decided that there's plenty for projects until the end of the year!
I warmly recommend Linda's colourful inspirational blog,  for stashbusting or browsing, 
I for one have been transformed!


Unknown said...

Hi Ali,
It's good to see you have safely emerged from your room and got your stash in some sort of order. Love the eclectic and colouful balls of wool. Lots of inspiration there which will keep you freeforming for months to come!
Jacqui x

Janet said...

I quite agree. I've had a change of attitude to my stash now and try to use what I have in. I only intend to buy new yarn when I have a specific project in mind. It's all very liberating.

linda said...

Thank you for the shout out Ali, I do love your yarny finds especially the falcon Bedale, 1976 that's nearly 40 years old amazing. I can't wait to see what you make with it all. :) xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds as though you have some great inspirations for what to do with your yarn! xx

Unknown said...

Wow, that 1976 yarn is quite a find! I'm trying to use most of the yarn I have before buying more and so far I've been good, real trouble is finding the right project for each yarn... :)