Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whizzing Windmills!

The long hot summer seems a long way off now that the weather has put on its winter coat!
We had a wonderfully warm few days near the Lincolnshire coast in August, however the first day along the prom we were well and truly sandblasted in a stinging gale. 
The pelting sand was like tiny piercing needles.
On our way back to the car on the calmer second day we passed a bucket full of  shiny whizzing windmills whirring and shimmering in the breeze .
I was immediately transported back to childhood holidays by the sea....

These are all made from wetfelted off cuts....

I brought home one of the shiny windmills from the beach shop
....a reminder of  the sea, sand and sunshine!


helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

your little windmills are lovely, very touchy feely. Isnt it funny how we go for a bracing walk where our skin actually hurts then we say we enjoyed it??

crazydazy said...

Love the windmills and the two tones either side of them.....brings me back too

Unknown said...

I love these - as always, I'm amazed by your talent! :)