Sunday, 24 January 2016

Breaking Bag!

There's a string bag in our house that gets a lot of use....

it has hung on several nails, in many places, and contained a myriad of things...

its current position is in the bathroom where it is in regular demand.
As it is so well employed it has become a bit more aerated than originally intended

  and has more holes than is functionally effective!

It was suggested we get a new one, but having seen some
  beautifully visibly mended projects I thought it lent itself to some colourful alterations!

A pouchy pocket with skills learned from Linda's string bag tutorial.

 The longer laceration required some freestyle suturing 

It adds a bit of colour and charm to the well loved item and given it a bit of a zingy lift!
It has also met with approval of the rest of the household!

A very relaxing way to spend an evening just randomeandering!


Amy at love made my home said...

A great mend! xx

linda said...

A lovely idea Ali I'm glad my tutorial was helpful. :) xx

crazydazy said...

Great job....youve breathed new life into that bag!

Angela said...

I really love your visible mending Ali, great idea