Thursday, 16 August 2012

Birthday Rainbows Revealed!

I have just had a lovely morning catching up with my friend and her family during which she opened her birthday present and immediately put it on.

She certainly wore it well

The Boho scarf pattern is by my very talented friend Tracey  - and can be found in Craftseller magazine issue 13.
The (Sombrero 315)  Sirdar Summer Stripes yarn made a beautiful pastel rainbow..

....I think my novice skills enabled more of a curve than there should have been.... but it straightened well after a soaking and pinning to the carpet!

Due to the self striping I could see that the end of the first ball of yarn was the same colour as the beginning so I made fewer rows than the pattern suggested and had coral borders....

....added some fringes...

..and a matching flower brooch...

The yarn was a little tricky to work with at times - I only realised when I moved on to my next project and the hook moved smoothly - but I think it was worth the extra work just for the colours!
The pattern was easy to follow and the open stitches were fun to hook.

Tracey had 2crochet  patterns in issue 13 ( I have made the other pattern too but that's for another post!) and has 2 in this months magazine (one featured on the front cover)..I gather there are more to come in future issues! Some of her knitting patterns are featured in other publications and she is currently working with one of her woolly friends on a book! I am so proud to have such a creative and talented friend and wish her all the best in her pattern producing and publishing.  
Whilst sharing the pattern love Emma has some amazing designs in the Debbie Bliss Fall magazine.
I am finding it great fun to search and try new patterns mostly with colourful variegated wools and cottons....(Becky I will write up the owl one is really simple)!
Isn't the internet fab..for finding friends and beautiful things to create?!
Yesterday I had a great afternoon playing with wet wool making pieces for this collaboration....
.hope to tell you all about it soon..


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should claim that Tracey is only that fabulous as she has us for friends!! I love the yarn that you used for the scarf. It's amazing the difference that blocking maked to knitting and crochet.

Emma V said...

Dear Ali - what a fab scarF! Thank you so much for popping by the blog and for putting in a link - you are very very kind. Glad you like them.
Much love

Becky J said...

What a beautiful scarf, Ali. I love the natural striping and the fringe. How brilliant to have a friend who is having patterns published so successfully, she clearly is very talented. I am looking forward to seeing your piece for the collaborative project - very intriguing! I'm also looking forward to having a go at the owl pattern!
Becky x
PS Have you seen my giveaway yet?

Gill Pinkney said...

oooh!! I do love this scarf !!

Starfish Studio said...

I've just been enjoying catching up on your recent bloggy posts - I hadn't even looked at Blogger for weeks!
Love the way your friends and family always receive such special, unique gifts and I especially adore the wee monsters!!

Kate x

Lynne's Pattern Parlour said...

Your scarf is lovely Ali. I bet is was well received. It's a lovely pattern by Tracey, she certainly has a knack for designing pretty things. I pleased for her success. I can't seem to find craftseller anywhere but I'll take a sneaky peak at Tracey's copies when I catch up with her. Looking forward to seeing more of your crochet projects, Lynne

CRAZY DAZY said...

what a beautiful scarf and the yarn is just gorgeous....what make is it and where did you get it

Melody said...

I LOVE this!! I think I'll try and talk my Mother into making one for me!! :))))) She's much better at following instructions than I am. ha ha, if you don't believe me you can ask her! (she spent how many years trying to get me to do as I was told???) Great scarf, or would be a neat belt too!! :)))))