Monday, 13 August 2012

Out of this world...episode two!

I have so much to show you all..but blogging time is tricky in the hols...most of my makes have been crochet as it is more portable and can be picked up or left at random moments...

.I'll start with some more monsters...

these have all found their way to new homes as birthday presents...

each made especially for the recipient.

I like the option to have head decor or...

a frilly bottom...or should that be frilly foot feature?
Each new item teaches me more tricks and patterns and I much prefer playing to counting stitches!
The first TARDIS has been hung on a wall. During a recent clearout Mr RW spotted this paper lightshade innard gubbins as a perfect frame 
to strengthen the floppy woppy, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey machine. 
I had used spray starch but it was still a bit unstable! 
I must say I had to broggle in my TUSAL jar to find some left over ends to attach the frame.
Although its Monday I thought I'd share some shadow shots with you, as Anne commented  - it is an addictive occupation. 
I have lost count of the number of times I have aggravated RW Jnr by exclaiming 'I wish I had my camera!'  There are some pretty stunning shadows in our urban environment, if I (remembered my camera and) had the courage to snap them with so many people around!
(Downloading from my very old mobile has been possible - but those pics come out very small.)
After one such camera-less excursion, on returning home we were greeted by these:

Later that day this (amazingly dusty, please don't look too closely!) candle holder

created this amazing shadow.....

....I really can't imagine the angles required to re-create the revolution of the flower head!

Happy Monday everyone...I'm a bit lost without the outstanding  Olympic coverage but the footie season starts this weekend and the Paralympics are not far away....

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Tracey said...

Lovely shadow shots Ali - and I'm loving all your crochet adventures x