Wednesday, 31 October 2012


On the final day of wool week I was able to do a bit of  a plug whilst finishing a woolly piece of felt with a group of eager children!
This project was twice as big as my usual pieces and required some extra equipment  - parcel tape to stick two widths of bubble wrap and super size towel. 

As I didn't have a large bamboo mat I used a discarded (hoarded) piece of  foam stuffing to stiffen my bubble wrap parcel whilst rolling.

Fluffy layers of Shetland  - the lighter shades are the leftovers from Project Dragonfly.

Soggy Shetland!

Added Jacobs fleece features

....and a needlefelted face!

A few days later  -  children gathered Shetland fluff  from the group of adults and placed it where the body should have been...squirted it liberally with water, glided soap over the netting,...and after lots of enthusiastic rubbing, a bit of over eager squeezing, rolling and more rolling we revealed the lost sheep!

It was great making a bigger picture and even better having such willing helpers!


Tracey said...

I absolutely love the expression on that sheep's face!

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I agree with Tracey - that's a sheep with attitude! How lovely to work with others to produce such a cheery piece of felty loveliness! LIz xx

crazydazy said...

hes great, what a fun project, ali

Starfish Studio said...

That sheep has a very cute smile!
How great to work on a project with a group of youngsters - get them hooked on crafting as early as possible :)