Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sparkly Spider Hammocks!

One of the joys of autumn is seeing nature's colourful beauty and being surprised by intricate patterns. On a chilly, dull and dewy morning last month I snapped these beauties on our lavender bush!

Sparkly jewels!

Spider trampolines or hammocks?!

Can you spot the web on this picture?

I think we have had the maker of this giant web scurrying across the living room carpet once or twice!


Hindustanka said...

you captured such a beautiful appearance of nature! looks like a hammock for fairies, doesn't it?:)the cobweb is absolutely astonishing.

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Wonderful images Ali! I love seeing scenes like this in the garden - and also the times when the sun catches the dew on the grass and turns it into a bed of little jewels. I was in Birmingham yesterday and thought of you - saw the new golden library! Liz x

Unknown said...

WOW! Nature is truly amazing. I wish I could create something as delicate and beautiful as those webs. As for meeting the maker... no thanks!
Becky x