Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cleaning up cotton!

One of the great things about the stash-buster challenge is meeting new bloggers and finding inspiring patterns and projects.

Tammy and Astri have been dishing up delightful for a friend's birthday I followed Astris pattern

It was easy to hook and I experimented with a different edging from a book I had for Christmas Granny Square Crochet.

As she felt how soft it was, I told my friend she should use it  - as I could always make another when it wore out..

...she phoned to tell me she has put it to good use and it works!

It sinks 29g of cotton yarn!

There will certainly be more cloths in the pipeline!


Ali Hogg said...

Hi Ali, The edging is very pretty, Alison

Ali said...

Thanks Alison - forgot to say its Sirdar Snuggly Smiley Stripes! It really made a difference!
Ali x

Melody said...

Fun, and useful too!! I love the edge and the little hangy hoop! You have taken to crochet like a duck to water! So many fun things you make!! :))))))))

Angela said...

I love the fact that you've made an integral loop for hanging it up

Astri said...

Very nice! I too adore that edging. Thanks for the link and keep up the good stash-busting work.
P.S. Impressive e the way you weigh your results.