Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February fun!

There are lots of celebrations in February hence a quieter blog but hectic hooking!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the petals in progress - they seemed to complement the book I was resting on so perfectly!

 They weighed in at a stash busting 8g!!

I enjoyed making up some of the patterns as I went along or adapting old favourites, also whilst tidying up some boxes a few more flowers were found and added to the  bunch!

Here's the finished posy

I also 'brooched' some wildlife!

The cat,  who looks more tiger-like, is an adaptation of my owl pattern -
two of the creatures have needlefelted eyes  - and one has more experimental beady eyes!
Altogether they busted 13g - paw weight but owlfully great fun!

Happy February Birthdays to friends and family!


Creative Chaos Art said...

I love the crocheted flower posy! So colourful :)
Helen x

linda said...

I love them Ali so effective, the posy is lovely and every little stash busting gram counts :)

Elisabeth said...

Pretty flowers! I keep writing down my stash busting atempts too and because I love making flowers and little things I rarely get over 10 grams either :) Elisabeth x

Angela said...

Your card is very creative and I love the owl but at only 21g used I can't imagine how many you'd have to make to empty your stash.

Melody said...

Love all the happy flowers! You are making me want to get out my hook and try again! :)))))

Unknown said...

pretty flower lovely teddies overall a beautiful blog

Lorna said...

So cute! I do like these little creatures... and they're worth so much more than their weight when they make us smile :o)