Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Inspiration strikes!

I love a challenge, 
and have been captivated by BBC dramatic series such as
So when Ashley left a Sherlock related comment on the post about the Dr Who square my mind began to race...very much in the way that the superb Sherlock's does -  though not quite as scientifically!

During the mundane washing up that uneventful evening,  my mind wandering over microscopic elements of Sherlock -  inspiration struck!

I know this may be more cryptic than Ashely was hoping for,
 its possibly out there in another pattern,
but it was so much fun to work out!
So I present to you the Sherlock stitch!

Chain 2, miss 2 stitches, 1 dc (sc) in back loop only
in other words or should that be symbols

aptly named after Sherlock and John's address 221b Baker Street!

In straight lines it made a great washcloth  - 

made here with Katia cotton and Sirdar White Whispers 100% bamboo, which makes it so soft the tension wavers!

The foundation chain should be a multiple of 3 stitches, (I used 36 for the washcloth) 
miss 2 stitches and dc (sc) into 3rd stitch.
At the end of the chain, turn, chain 2, miss two stitches and 1dc (sc) into the back loop of the 3rd stitch. continue to the end and repeat.... 

Each dc (sc) happens at the same place on each row so that its a rhythmical pattern after the 2nd row theres no need to count. 

(Having said this I'm hoping it is the case as I made quite a few errors the first few rows of experimenting and being a novice pattern writer I might have developed something that's not how its written?!)

 It also makes a  pretty lace like vessel

 the one below named 'A Study in Pink'

after the first Sherlock episode!

Well and truly Sher-locked!
Thanks to Ashley for the initial spark and washcloth inspiration, Astri for the back loop and washcloth ideas and I was thinking of Elisabeth whilst hooking with the Spanish Katia cotton!

All used yarn from my stash...

washcloth  23g, vessels 6g and 3g , messing about bits 5g, total = 37g .

I think Sherlock stitch will lend itself to a scarf which will be in the pipeline...possibly in navy blue just like Sherlock's!



Ali Hogg said...

great stitch - has a lovely texture to it,alison

Melody said...

I have NO idea what you said about stiches, etc... but I LOVE the little crochet cup and the way you've color coordinated the polka dots to your yarny stitches!! Makes a girl smile! :))))

linda said...

Well done Ali, you are clever it's a lovely stitch, don't forget to link it up. :)

Ana BC said...

very clever to relate crochet projects with TV programs... I love Sherlock too (but I am not familiar with the other two...)

Jo said...

Good stitch - has a sort of waffle texture and I love waffles!! more on the vest tonight...

Una said...

Hello, Ali. I love your colourful blog. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. See my blog at
I hope you find time to play along. Best wishes, Una, Great Balls of Wool.

Elisabeth said...

I love, love, love this! What a great name :) Elisabeth x

Ashley said...

ha how awesome! With my super extensive pattern-reading knowledge(?), I concur that this would almost say 221b... in some way like dc2 sk2 dc bl. Close enough for me!

Even if it nearly gets lost in the pattern, just the name and the reasoning behind it is enough. I will be happily chanting in my head "221b...221b..." as I crochet this. Because, of course, I WILL crochet a washcloth with the SHERLOCK STITCH!

Ashley said...

Oh forgot to say: I definitely appreciate your little pink vessel's name. That made me laugh with delight. ;)

Ashley said...

I just started a cloth with this stitch! I see I was slightly misreading it yesterday... I blame the sickness that is currently plaguing me. :p Good thing I understood it this time. It's looking good so far; I love patterns that have you chaining all throughout.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That looks like a great washcloth. Sounds like inspiration can be found just about anywhere, though my brain doesn't quite work that way. :) Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

Astri said...

Fantastic stitch! Love those colors! Thanks for the link, Ali. :-)

Jo said...

Hi Ali, thanks for supportive comments, I love bracelets too! Keep crocheting its the only way to get better. Jo xx

Willow said...

This was a wonderful post, not only did it bring me back to my much younger, fondly remembered childhood days in England when I could not wait for the episodes of Dr Who ... it also inspired me to pull out my crochet hook and some yarn and have some fun. What great little pieces , and I love the colors you used.

Ana Mª said...

Unos trabajos muy bonitos y originales . Enhorabuena por tu blog , hay mucho arte .Un saludo

Jen said...

I love the creativity born of tv programs! I have myself begun watching Merlin the past few months on Netflix. How did I ever miss such a great show in it's original airtime! I love the Sherlock Stitch cloth, will be attempting that soon. I love handmade dish cloths!