Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring chick(ens)

The little chap hooked for my husbands Christmas card inspired me to make some colourful spring chicks...

A simple crocheted circle, 

sew a ribbon beak onto the back,

fold less than half of the circle behind and secure with stitches,

needlefelt an eye,

make a tail by tying some short ends,

or shaping near the tail end with a knot,

or shape by chance and secure with a few stabs of a barbed needle

or add a spare shard offcut of amazingly co-ordinated handmade felt.

Some were adventurous and headed outside for a freezing photo shoot!

Others stayed at home in the warm...

Some might have featured more than once..and some flew away before being captured on camera!

Great way to use small amounts of wool - each one has two, three or four strands for each stitch.
Everyone a stash buster!

 Their bodies weighed in at a m-egg-a 65g!

So totals for March are:
Sherlock Stitch - 37g
Red noses 14g, Shamrocks 3g
Nests - 110g
Chicks - 65g
Total 229g

So with January (218g) February (186g) and March (229g)
I make that  663g busted so far!
I can tell the volume of my colourful yarn is decreasing as I have room  in my containers..
however, a new local woolly emporium has opened this week..
 I must go and check it out soon - maybe the gaps are there to be filled?


Astri said...

These are so cute Ali. I like that sherbety rainbow one. :-)

September Violets said...

These are all so cute Ali! I'm thinking I'd like to try the same idea in knitting (don't know how to crochet). I keep seeing all kinds of Easter things to knit, but am quickly running out of time! Good job on your stash busting ;) Wendy

linda said...

So cute Ali, you are doing well with your stash-busting totals. I will be updating the list at the end of the month. :)

crazydazy said...

really like your chicks....such a simple idea which works so well
September violets left a comment saying they would like to have a go knitting one.......id like to have a go at that too
is that a sylvac vase?
have a nice easter, ali

kathyinozarks said...

these are adorable-found you from tacistudio

Melody said...

Love your colorful flock!! :)))) Looks like a project even I could handle... maybe. :)))) ha ha

Elisabeth said...

These are so cute! I have the same problem as you though. ... I stash bust and then end up buying new yarn to take its place again! Have a great easter xx

Willow said...

Adorable, super sweet. The little porcelain piece with the bunny is quite a gem too.

Ashley said...

So adorable, as usual! They look so bright and cheerful... hopefully those escaped ones found good homes! ;)

Ooh, a new wool emporium is opening right by you?

...Could be dangerous