Friday, 28 June 2013

Bits and Pieces

This month most of my hooky fun has been experimental or smallish I continue to bust my stash I thought I'd include some of the items I have made that are part of larger plans or one off items!

We sent this card to my father in law for Fathers Day
4g of navy wool

Experiments in Butterfly design

3 BIG bloomers for a winter project
(should have been last winter hope it will be this one!)
Perhaps the weight will give you an idea of their size!

All wiggly at the edges! 

Adventures in going round in circles!


So, totals for June:
Bits and Pieces: 66g
Bow Tie: 2g
Daisies: 9g
Mini Owl: 8g
Coasters: 48g
(Elisabeth, the yarn is Anchor Style Creativo fino and Astri  - its an Ikea Apron!)
The special project in the next post: 13g
Sooooo June Total: 146g

Total for the first half of the year: 1127+146= 1273g
 I didn't even think I had that much...and there's still loads more to have fun with!!
I'll stop writing and get on with the next project!


crazydazy said...

the card is great - I love wee small projects like that. Also like your circle experiments. Looking forward to seeing your next project, have a good weekend, ali

Melody said...

What a great little vest that is, a great idea!!
Love the butterflies too, they would look fun strung along the room as a summer garland!

linda said...

What lovely little projects Ali and well done on busting that much stash! :

Hilde said...

Great little stash-busters :) I love the vest you did for the card, that looks so nice!
Can't wait to see your next project.
Have a lovely weekend :)

crazydazy said...

hi ali, always meant to ask are you on ravelry?