Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bow Ties are cool!

My dad had a birthday this week...his card was in true Dr Who style

'Bow ties are cool' declared the Doctor
'...and so is my dad!' say I.

I remembered   Zoe's bows  and her pattern started me off on my experimentation...
having decided  it needed a larger middle I fiddled around
(with two rows of dcs, chains on the corners and trebles on the ends)
until the right shape was found.

In terms of stash busting its a really tiny 3g..
I think June will be full of lots of little projects!

'Spoilers Sweetie':
Ironically Matt Smith made his big announcement on the same day...I wonder which clothing items will be made popular next year?!

Proudly continuing the geeky theme Tracey has recently completed a quirky Sheldon amigurumi, and I hope to have a go at some of Lucy Ravenscar's characters soon.
Helen's versions of Lucy's Star Wars characters set me on course for a galaxy far far away!
Geek Crafts is a regular read on my blog list - there are oodles of amazingly inspirational projects on many current and cult themes.

In the meantime I might boldly go and try something Star Trek related  - loved the film!


Creative Chaos Art said...

Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing more geeky projects... It's my Dad's birthday tomorrow, I went back to the good ol' printing theme!
Helen x

Hilde said...

What a lovely little stash-busting. The card is great, Ali, I love it :)

Ali Hogg said...

I love wee projects like that. Hope he likes his card. I remember the Dr who with the big long knitted scarf, Alison

September Violets said...

Great card! I have a few Tardis and Dalek knitting patterns saved for a rainy day ;) Wendy