Thursday, 26 September 2013



Today has been quite sultry and warm, at times the sun did burn through the haze..I cast my mind back to the glorious days of unbroken sizzling sunshine, sparkling sapphire blue sky, lush green sweet scented grass... and found the photos to accompany the memories!

Two friends have summer birthdays, 
and I imagined would have plenty of opportunities to casually stroll in barefoot sandals, 
 on sunny soft sandy beaches. 

One friend is a big daisy fan...

This daisy is a modified version of the nine petalled flower I designed, 
with a border to link the petals together, a loop for the toe.....

....and two long chains to twine around the delicate suntanned ankle of the recipient!
Unfortunately the model above is of a pale skinned variety!

 Her present last year was borrowed by and shared with her daughter,
 so this year a pair of  floaty butterflies hatched especially for petite feet..

 hooked with creamy cotton and three coloured strands of sewing thread...

Whilst trying to compose a triangular pattern for the second friend I realised that my heart pattern would fit the bill nicely...
this is the original heart pattern (one of two hooked for Ruby Wedding anniversaries this summer)

and this is the augmented barefoot sandal style

made with two tone cotton and a strand of sewing thread.

They were all given, at the end of  summer, with an explanation of their use 
and a comment hoping they can be used next year!

The sandals busted 28g  in toe-tal
 and the two anniversary hearts beat 8g 

Hope you have some sunny September moments and memories of sand between the toes!


Hindustanka said...

Those are so cute! Loved the daisy version,and the heart ones :) and butterflies.. all of them! well, here summer is still on, and I look forward for cooling of the air, it got way too much now. Have a happy day!

Hilde said...

Those are really sweet, Ali :) I love all three versions; the daisy, the butterfly and the heart. What great gifts, the recipients loved them for sure.

Thanks for your comments. I do not sell my naturally dyed wool or my creations, at least not yet. Perhaps in the future...

Have a happy weekend :)

crazydazy said...

Hi, I love the barefoot sandals particularly the daisy ones. Also love the idea of adding sewing thread to add colour to yarn.....I will definitely be borrowing that idea for some of my projects,
Have a nice weekend, Ali