Sunday, 8 September 2013

Birthday Bag!

A special little girl turned six this week, here is her pressie!

The bag was hooked a while ago. 
The front is based on the granny square my friend Tracey designed for Craftseller magazine

 Once the square was complete the back and inside were made from continuous alternating colourful rows of trebles.
It had hung around in my nearly finished box awaiting something to line it 
(that did not require sewing!) until I found a little purse that just fitted the space perfectly!
The finishing touch - a handle in a simple row of chains using all four colours...

You might think you have seen it before....

...same first three rounds...
grannies are soooo versatile!
This months Inside Crochet has lots of gorgeous granny inspired projects,
thanks to Tracey I have been able to indulge in a copy!

As the bag was made before I was stash-busting I am only counting the handle 
which hangs out at a surprising 29g !

Happy Birthday J!


Willow said...

Very nice Ali !
Love your new header too !
Happy September.

crazydazy said...

what a lovely birthday gift - so colourful, ali

Una said...

She will love that. I bet all her friends will ask for one as well.

Melody said...

That is an ADORABLE little bag! It would be perfect size to pop my small camera into, for worry free (and hands free) carrying! :))))

linda said...

It's beautiful! Happy Birthday, she is going to love it. :)

September Violets said...

What a perfectly pretty purse in every way! Your daughter's going to love it :) Wendy

Hilde said...

What a sweet and colourful bag, Ali, nice work! The little girl will love her birtday present :)

Linnhe Mara said...

Aha! I thought the colour combination looked familiar. I'm sure that special little girl is going to adore her special little bag.
Thanks for the link to the pattern. I'm beginning to experiment a bit now that I figure I've got a handle on the basics Pleas tell me that circle within a square is just about do-able for someone with my limited capabilities :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It is a very pretty little purse and looks like it would definitely work up quickly. A sweet little gift. Happy birthday to Ms. 6! Best wishes, Tammy