Saturday, 22 February 2014

A circumference of cowls!

Over the last few years I have come to the realisation that I am content with making small things!
This means that when selecting materials small amounts fit the bill.
Having crept out of post-Christmas shopping hibernation towards the end of January, I assumed I would have missed all the sale bargains.
However when the odd ball is sufficient there's lots of decadent beautiful colours and textures to choose from....and at sale prices, dithering is not as frequent an occurrence.
It also dawned on me that one 50g ball would be enough for a Sherlock Cowl with maybe some delicious left overs for tiny embellishing extras on other projects.

 Here's the crop of the cowls

This Sirdar Indie was sooooo soft, sumptuous and sleek to hook - and some surprise colours were hiding inside the ball!

The very fine bright blue (from my stash) added extra zing to the Faroe

The Rowan drift was a 100g ball of very squidgy merino

so it made two cowls

 There are so many tones in the fluffy wool..

Four birthday present cowls...and as I am so used to my pattern they are so soothing to hook!

On the subject of bargains I popped into one of the local charity shops and came away with this bumper bundle:

The vibrant pink Jaeger has Darlington on the label, the white acrylic can be washed at 60 and professes to be moth proof, and the Carousel is very soft cotton from Thomas B Ramsden. 
Love finding jewels in the wool basket.... I confessed to Jacqui this week - I am a bit of an equipment collector....this gadget might over complicate the process (perhaps that's why its been donated...) 
but couldn't resist a bit of engineering!
Will let you know if  I find any more nuggets whilst rummaging!

Tracey has some fab patterns for small things including these colourful tiny crochet Easter eggs
on her blog or  hearts on her etsy page.

Although I do love small things there is one area where size matters...

This massive confectionery container houses 44 usual sized chocolates.....and is still intact!


crazydazy said...

Such yummy yarn especially like the Sirdar Indie. What a coincidence I bought myself a floss winder just last week in an attempt to make my threads neat and tidy but still haven't used it yet. Get stuck into those 44 sweeties!

Una said...

"Circumference" made me laugh. It's so accurate. I love finding wool bargains in charity shops. You did well....and as for that giant daughter would LOVE that.

Jacqui Galloway said...

I don't believe it Ali, I've got one of those floss winders, from the same source as you. Haven't openend mine yet either but am sure it will come in day!!!The giant chocolate, really made me laugh... I want one! Love the colours and textures of the cowls. Lucky birthday recipients. Oh... and thanks for the mention. I'm a very lucky girl too! Have a great week x

Unknown said...

Those are some nice yarns, and the cowls look great! I've been making lots of them myself in the last few weeks, they're really fun to create and wear! :)

Elisabeth said...

Yummy yarns and cowls! I really liked the look of that Sirdar Indie :) xx