Thursday, 27 February 2014

Severn swans a-swimming!

There's nothing woolly about this post - it's a more random feature!
Last week, in half term, we visited family in water-logged Worcester.

Having seen lots of television with national and local presenters sporting waders, wellies and wet anoraks it was with some trepidation we ventured into the centre of Worcester to a familiar riverside car park.

The sun was waning and there was an ambient hum of generators pumping out the nearby restaurant.

We hadn't gone to see the height of the water (although from the pictures that is evident!) but the famous swans that populate the River Severn, usually swimming serenely, on the river below the wall.
As the river was so high it had engulfed the wall, a higher path, seats and statue, and was level with the path along the car park edge.
The swans had taken advantage of this and were strolling around, munching grass and crocuses, gulping bread brought by other inquisitive river viewers.

These pictures are a small handful of nearly 100 taken is a short space of time (thank goodness for digital cameras!)
The swans were very docile (I did keep my distance at first just to check!) - and I made a new friend in D-63 who seemed to pose for the camera....

water on a swan's back!!..

up close and personal!

loved the shapes thrown whilst preening!

...tried to capture a couple of heart shapes...


... slips into the water...

and glides, against the tide,  into the sunset!

An idyllic moment!
Although the sun was setting we found out we had not viewed its swansong ... the skies turned a glorious pinky orange... as we travelled home!!

A week on and the river has receded, the seats are cleaned and ready for use...and the swans are still swimming sedately on the Severn!


Melatia said...

Swans are always amazing to look at, and your photos really do them justice... :)

Melody said...

A lovely array of pictures~ :))))(from a girl who lives on Swan Lane)(really.) :)))) Love the heart shapes!

crazydazy said...

Hope your relatives weren't flooded. Great swan photos.

Jacqui Galloway said...

Loved these photos and your accompanying 'word'pictures.
Not random at all!
Jacqui xx


Hello Ali, I love seeing photos of your world. Most lovely even with the high water. D-63 swam is very lovely indeed. Such beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing all the photos with us. Hugs Judy

September Violets said...

Hi Ali, I'm still catching up with everyone. These are beautiful shots of the swans. The water levels are crazy! I really feel for all the people affected by the flooding this winter. Deep snow is one thing, but at least we can clear it away. Glad to hear the water levels are going down now. Wendy x