Friday, 28 March 2014

Tiddly om pom pom Part two!

Way back in November a request came across the cyber waves from Sense,  for pom poms, to become part of a huge collaborative artwork -  the Tapestry of Touch.
The tapestry aims to raise awareness of multi-sensory impairments and the fabulous work of the charity Sense.

Lots of people joined in the fuzzy fun including Linda and Ali,
and more than six thousand pompoms were received!
The Tapestry is currently on tour, and at the moment is just down the road, at Solihull Arts Complex.
Before setting out I refreshed my memory of Ali and Linda's pompoms, hoping I would be able to spot one or two!

Really the photos can only give you a tiny taste of the spectacular visual and tactile feast...
there are pompoms of all shapes, sizes, colours, materials and textures.
While we were there, a lady who was involved in the tour was taking pictures, she remarked how ingenious many of the pompom makers had been and how they have been overwhelmed with the response. She was interested to hear some of the stories of makers too!

 I'm wondering if some of Linda's lime green creations may be spotted?!? 

 The tapestry forms a colourful cascade and carpet of fabulously feely fuzzyness!
It really is a pleasure to touch and explore!

The blue knobbly pompom is plastic stuffed with plastic balls...

there are pom poms made from t-shirts...

material, plastic bags, hair scrunchies, glittery tinsel...

 and bubble wrap!

This purpley one looked like a multi-legged spider, perched ready to pounce!
 I kept spotting colours that I was familiar with  - quite a few with variegated yarn I have in my stash. Then...just at the rippling wave edge, nestling underneath, propping up a patch of pompom, I spotted a friend!

Amongst the six thousand I had found one of mine!

I pulled him out for a photo and a squidge and nestled him back into position...I'd like to think his dishevelled appearance was a result of being fondled!
Funnily enough - as I looked for a photo to show him with his mates before he was posted, I realised that he's actually probably right next to one of his pals in the woolly huddle!
I'd forgotten  which wool I had pompommed!

If  you posted pom poms I hope you catch a glimpse of something familiar,
 I also hope some of you can get to see, feel and experience the amazing interactive artwork!
There are new dates and venues  being added to the tour as it travels.

I love the texture of wool and cotton as I rhythmically crochet, rub and roll felt fibres, or draft the colourful fluff whilst spinning....
I hope the Tapestry of Touch makes many people think,
it certainly has reminded me that touch is the key for people with sight and hearing impairments...
 the tapestry does makes a powerful statement and
I am very proud to say I am part of it, along with some bloggy friends!


linda said...

What fun Ali how nice that you were able to go and see and feel the display it looks amazing, I made a whole lot more than I put on my blog and there is a lime green and orange one there that looks familiar but of course I can't be sure. I think it's great that you were able to spot one of yours out of that huge Tapestry. I'm so glad that I was able to contribute, I will keep an eye out you never know the tour may come my way :)

Una said...

What a great idea to let people touch something like this and the variety is impressive.

crazydazy said...

wow.....great photos. People were so creative in making their pom lucky you were to actually go and see it!

Jacqui Galloway said...

What a colourful display, Ali. Don't know how you managed to spot yours amongst that plethora of pom pominess!
Jacqui xx

CJ said...

Wow, that is truly amazing, hours of work and effort all combined together. Fantastic.

Melatia said...

Now, all of those pom poms all together at once are really something - and how nice that you managed to spot yours! The overall effect looks great, must be even better in person... Hope you have a nice weekend! xx

September Violets said...

What an amazing endeavor!! I'm glad you spotted your little friend and that you even photographed the other one without realizing till later. Such a wonderful composition :) Wendy x

Amy at love made my home said...

How great that you found one of your pom pom's!! What a fun thing to be part of, I expect that lots of people will be visiting it to see if they can spot their own pom poms! xx