Monday, 17 March 2014

Going with the Flow

Having been fascinated by freeform for a while, the other weekend I decided to go with the flow and followed a pattern link that popped up in my Ravelry suggestions. 
This took me to Marina's blog Snovej,and her amazing tutorials.
 Co-incidentally, at the same time Sarah over at The Gingerbread Bunny had been free-forming, and following links from her pinterest board I revisited Susan's inspiring hyperbolic freeform pages.
Hours of happy hooking followed - just going round in circles, spirals, in front loops, back loops...

Each sculptural piece has a new look ..

when viewed from a different angle..

The spiralling inspired a cotton/bamboo facecloth

...combined with another: scalloped edged square Sherlock stitch,
and a matching soap for a friend's birthday. 

 This piece has three lobes and is made from variegated cotton....when shown to Mr RW he realised it resembled some of the fungi blooming in the garden...

couldn't believe the likeness  - completely co-incidental...or maybe there had been some thought at a subliminal  level!

The two facecloths weighed in at 42g of stashed cotton and bamboo
and the various freeforms amounted to a scumbling of 33g a total of 75g of absolute pleasure!!

 Jacqui, my good friend of Living with Ethel fame, has pictures of her  inspiring spirals and fabulous freeform lichen on her website. She has a real talent for incorporating interesting textures and re-using materials...amongst many colours, shapes and woolly surprises there's plastic netting linked into the lichen.
I'm looking forward to many more memorable moments spiralling and scrumbling...just going with the flow! 



Melatia said...

My, these look amazing! They're really worth trying, the final effect is stunning, thanks for sharing! :)

crazydazy said...

I love the idea of free form and just going for it! Your examples are stunning and beautifully photographed.

Sarah said...

Wow!! Loving the hyperbolic spirals over on Susan's page! I've saved them to my favourites to try out later. Can't wait to read more about your freeform crochet journey!

linda said...

They are beautiful Ali so unusual, you are really good at this. :)

Jacqui Galloway said...

Oh Ali I'm overwhelmed by your comment about my freeform creations and the links... thank you.
Your three dimensional shapes are amazing. I love your use of colour. Especially taken with the fungae...sublimenal(not sure I spelled that right), inspiration. What a good idea to make a spiral washcloth. Can't wait to see more
Jacqui xx

Starfish Studio said...

The second photo makes me think of a super-colourful ammonite!
Lovely :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Well, I think that is just fantastic! cool stuff! Love the facecloth. It is sort of like a seashell. Lovely gift with the soap. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

September Violets said...

These are all so cool looking, and you sound like you really enjoyed the process. It's funny how we all see something different in the finished results. The facecloth reminds me of a snail. Wendy x

Angela said...

funghi or possibly pine cone inspired too

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your freeform pieces. I'm likin' the lichen. :-)