Friday, 18 April 2014

Egg-citing 2!

Another clutch of eggs has been made,
 for friends and family that we will be seeing over Easter. These are three dimensional light and fluffy!
It all began a couple of years ago with these two characters...
a plan was hatched and below are this years chicken and egg models!

Here are some photos of them in the making!

Each is  formed from a pile of fluff, wrapped round a plastic egg and wet felted.
All the eggs have a secret middle - a contrasting colour with a strand or two of zingy wool!
Sometimes a hint of the contrast migrates through the layers -
making felt is so much fun - the results are always a surprise!

I based my technique on the hands on method - and added the surprise insides!

Some have Wensleydale curls!

Once dried the fuzzy shell was cracked (using sharp scissors to form a zig zag shape!)


Having found some colour combinations I liked, the fluffy egg theme continued..

Fibre needlefelted onto polystyrene eggs and wet felted by hand...

Believe it or not..these are tiny!

Large ones,
displayed in one of RW Jnrs early egg basket creations - its probably 9years old now, but appears each year replenished with consumable eggs!


The light blue is hand dyed shetland from Sarah's Texture Crafts..
it has a beautiful bluey green hue..

My hands were lovely and soft as I used olive oil soap from a solid block during the felting process.

The colours look extra zingy when wet!

Remember that huge chocolate I had for Christmas?
The contents disappeared very rapidly, and extra deliciously, one weekend  - 
the container is very useful!

Wishing you all moments of thoughtfulness and a very
Happy Easter!


crazydazy said...

oh! these are great.....the egg and chick is a great idea....... all being well ill be making some next year. You've inspired me to get the felting stuff out again. Have a nice Easter and I'll be seeing you on Monday!

September Violets said...

These look fantastic Ali! Such a creative curve from egg dyeing. The colour combinations you've created are beautiful. I'd rather blend wool around an egg than blow out an egg and dye the shell (which I avoid now at all costs due to migraines afterwards!). The eggs & chicks are a great idea, and I'll bet your family looks forward to these little treats. Happy Easter! Wendy x

linda said...

They are so cute Ali and how pretty they look lovely standing in the bowl. Have a great Easter!xx

Mom2fur said...

Oh, my gosh, those are so much fun! I'll have to remember this for next Easter. That'll give me a year to learn how to felt, LOL!
Happy Easter!

Jacqui Galloway said...

Oooooh, Ali,
I absolutely love these. they are so colourful and very cute. A lovely Easter present.
Jacqui x

Melatia said...

These are SO cute, fluffy and colourful! Will make a wonderful present! Hope you have a nice weekend, and Happy Easter, too! ;)

Becky J said...

Brilliant! You know I love all things felted but these are just perfect. The eggs with the little chicks inside are an absolute favourite.
Becky x