Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hearty Congratulations!

1989 was a great year for weddings on my calendar!
I was bridesmaid three times that year and attended a few other ceremonies too!
This year all those couples celebrate their Silver Anniversary, I can't believe how quickly time has flown!
 I have a wonderful collection of photo albums that take me back instantly to those celebratory, sunny, summery (or in one case autumnal) days.
At the end of each special day, after celebrating happily with friends and families, I assembled all the memorable paraphernalia, (bouquet, dress, order of service, headdress, jewellery etc) and took a photo.
In those days you had to send away your precious film and wait (im)patiently to see how each picture turned out, hoping that amongst the blurry images and fractions of main subjects there was a representation you were pleased with!
The late night collection photos have been very useful in planning my gifts for the anniversary couples.

 In late July when L and T were married I wore a turquoisey dress,
 the bouquet had pretty pink carnations, 
ivory freesia and gypsophila, 
the bride carried a spray of  lilies
and we wore pearl necklaces.

My multi-threaded heart pattern has been embellished with some pearly beads.
Stash yarn used: 21g

Congratulations to the happy couple!
I had so many merry memories of their special day during this project....
...hope it brings them lots too!

The next celebration will be in August.....that gift is ready to post....
meanwhile I am off to dive into my wonderful stash to select yarns for a birthday project....plenty of squishing and colour therapy!



You have created an absolutely beautiful crocheted heart, the colors are fantastic. Love it. Jigs Judy

linda said...

What a thoughtful gift they will love it. :)

Jacqui Galloway said...

The years do seem to fly by don't they! What a lovely personal gift, given from the heart. The pearl bead embellishments are especially pretty xx

crazydazy said...

Ah yes I remember those days when the film required developing! What a gorgeous thoughtful gift...Im sure it will be much appreciated....the pearls just set the whole thing off.

Unknown said...

How cute, I'm sure they'll love it! : )

Amy at love made my home said...

What a beautiful and incredibly thoughtful gift! xx