Monday, 7 July 2014

Round the World Blog Hop!

The wonderfully creative and talented Jacqui over at Living with Ethel has invited me to take part in the Round the World Blog Hop...
Part of the process is to let you know about how I work, and to signpost you to three other talented creators.

What am I working on?
I make presents or cards for most of my family and there is always something to be working on...
In my blogger profile I describe myself as a bit of a flitter...similar to Jacqui's thought of herself as a butterfly! the moment there's..

...some felty notebook activity..
my thumb has met the hammer a couple of times!

..some tiny flowers to embellish this felty piece...

..the net below is ready and waiting for the ideas in my head to flow..

and there's some familiar therapeutic hooking in the form of winter goodies on the go too!
At times when the concentration is not the sharpest its good to have a safe option!

How does my work differ from others in this genre?
As the internet is such a vast resource I can find others with like minds.
Most of what I make is small, no large blankets or garments...yet!
I am particularly enjoying designing my own bits and pieces...
 and being more freefrom in nature...
I have difficulty disciplining myself to count, so geometric designs are taking a break!

How does my writing/creative process work?
Well, the writing part of this question is easy - I write mostly about what I make! I first started blogging to have a record of my creations!
I think my creative process starts with either a person, event or thing...(that safely covers most possibilities)
People and events are self explanatory, although random gifts do appear from time to time!
At quieter times (eg after the Christmas rush) a joint project has given me a focus - like the Crazy Randomness with Ali.
After Linda's stashbusting inspiration I began to look at my materials in a different way,
 I have been trying to use what I have,
 whatever I buy, is for a particular project and at the moment is from charity shops or in the sale!
 I enjoy the challenge of finding a use for beautiful colours and texture.
For particular projects I have an idea, then love the process of taking the time to sort, feel and select the colours and textures, putting them into a project bag and musing over them before getting started.
I think I have always been a muller-overer of ideas!

Some random stashbusted bracelets!

 Why do I write or create what I do?
The creating is mostly to pass on to others,
it keeps my fingers and mind occupied,
soothing rhythm makes me calm,
wet felting works off some energy and encourages my messy side,
everything gives me a colour boost...
and the writing: to record and hang out with like minded inspirational people!

I have already mentioned a few of the many inspirational people I enjoy...

The following three people I pop in and visit too, if they would like to pick up the baton and take part in the blog hop, that would be great, however as busy makers I'll understand if its tricky!

Una at Great Balls of Wool is a member of Loving Hands and makes lots of woolly items for charity
As its an international hop here are two stateside bloggers:
Kate of  Stitches Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun  is a prolific crocheter and has just had a baby girl...I'm so  impressed at her ability to multi-task!
Jacqui, Una and Kate I have found through Linda's blog, however Melody I met quite early in my blogging life, I love her illustrations and her visual images are stunning.

Hope you enjoy the hopping...
I love the way the internet can bring the world closer!



I love reading your blog. You are a very talented and creative artist. I love seeing all your special projects. Congratulation on your Around The World blog highlight, well deserved, Hugs Judy

linda said...

A lovely post Ali and thank you for the mention, your lovely work is always inspirational I love your makes. I'm off to visit Melody. :)

Unknown said...

Nice Q&A, very interesting! :)

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

an enjoyable post with some new blogs for me to try. And good to see a use for those pesky laundry pourers which seem to multiply!

Amy at love made my home said...

It is great to read more about you and how you work and what you are up to! xx

Unknown said...

What a great post, Ali. Love reading about what makes you tick, creatively. Your work is always so colourful, which appeals to me and your love of freeform. A girl after my own heart! Off to follow up your links. None of which I've been to before. Hope to make some new friends.
Jacqui x

crazydazy said...

A most interesting post which lets me get to know you and how you work better.