Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Painting with wool..

....or cotton!

Henri Matisse is known for his vibrant colourful cut-out compositions, drawing or painting with scissors. I was captivated by this exhibition on holiday and have been fascinated ever since.

A friend has a leafy cut out picture full of  rainbow colours similar to these
For her birthday I hooked an experimental  freestyle One Of A Kind cotton coaster, inspired by Matisse leaf patterns.

It really was like painting with cotton!

The idea appeared before the materials - I intended to use cotton from my stash, but out shopping happened upon two fabulous skeins in a charity shop.

 The customary view from behind!

Working in the back of stitches gives a knobbly effect!

There's another exciting freeform project waiting in the wings....I'm enjoying taking and selecting photographs, and LoVeD the creating process!
Looking forward to sharing it soon!


crazydazy said...

You are always very lucky with your trips to charity shops. I love the contrast of colour and texture between the leaf and the green coaster. Looking forward to seeing your other freeform projects.

Valentina Olden Patterns said...

I abolutely LOVE this! You're so talented to creat such things!

linda said...

How lovely Ali you're makes are always so unique, looking forward to seeing your next project. :) x

Amy at love made my home said...

So clever! Very pretty too. xx

Jacqui Galloway said...

It reallly is like a little painting x