Saturday, 18 June 2011

Inspired by.......

Thanks for all your great comments on my last post...I'm hoping Jan will pop over too and see all your praise!

This is another arty post inspired by a couple of things this week!

I have been inspired by Kate over at Starfish studio who has been zentangling....
she has had some of her designs printed and  they look amazing!
I have had a go at my own style and found it really therapeutic....its my permission to doodle time!!
I have made four cards this week.....and posted three without photographing them!
However this one will give you a good idea of what they looked like!

The card...a 'Fathering Sunday' one..will be saying what an inspiration my dad is!!

Random Wooliness Junior has also been doing a module at school on Art....
last year he brought home this Georgia O'Keeffe inspired chalk drawing:

His dad and I both fell in love with the colours, style and form instantly and framed it with a frame to our specifications from the internet. Its in our hall along with 'The Hidden Gem at Tyseley' from the last post.

This year we heard a lot about RW Jnr's Andy Warhol inspired piece. He really enjoyed  sketching and deciding on the image he was going to use - inspired by Mario mushrooms. He described how he had measured out each individual item so each part looked equal, and he enthused about the colours he was using. 
Then it all went quiet.......and when asked about his painting he became quite disgruntled....he had by accident dropped a HUGE splodge of blue paint onto a pale area, and as that colour was no longer available, he couldn't rectify his mistake......  he even recounted how the whole table of children had gasped and run to his aid with cloths and other possible solutions.

Yesterday the Andy Warhol/ Mario inspired piece came home,
with a quick bit of tlc on the splodge 
we proudly framed it, replacing a rather tired print in the kitchen

We think it looks fantastic.....just the right colours to cheer up the room and I don't think you'd be able to spot the tiny accident.....I find myself gazing at it everytime I go in!
So... Random Wooliness are an inspiration we are very proud of your creations.

Looking forward to hearing where your inspiration has come from this week!!


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

How lovely to be surrounded by the talents of RW Junior! I love that chalk design, I bet it looks even better in real life with all those gorgeous colours blending together. Love your Father's Day card, too. Have a good day, Liz x

Tracey Todhunter said...

It just goes to show creativity runs in the family. Thanks for sharing RW Junior's artwork with us, he has a good eye for colour.
Tracey x

Starfish Studio said...

Wow! Thanks for the mention, and I'm very chuffed that you were inspired by something of mine :)

I love Junior's Warhol/ Mario piece - exactly the kind of subject that Warhol would be using if he were still alive!

Kate x

Melody said...

I love that the art gets displayed proudly in your home. So often, it stays tucked away and safe, and never gets to be enjoyed properly!

FeltersJourney said...

Love your sons art work! And I cant see any signs of the splodge. Im not suprised you find your eyes drawn to it, its such a bright happy painting.