Saturday, 6 August 2011

Being Creative - Summer

I think this post should have the subtitle of: Learning to leisurely stroll before you can run!
The thoughts, as usual, for this months Being Creative topic have been whirring away at speed for more than a month... I think the process of this creation is just as important as the final please bear with me!!
Following a comment I made on someone's lovely ocean creation last month I began thinking about the composition of most of my projects... I like to make things colourful, bright, cheerful and warm....things that I suppose other people would like to look at...the fish I make are orange, the sea, blue....and I do know from holiday photos on people's blogs it can be beautifully blue...but its not always!
So I decided I should be a bit more realistic in my choice of subject matter for summer.....
I still thought of flowers...poppies.... but where they grow....on waste ground or by the roadside....
after a motorway journey last week observing the roadside flora (and what an amazing array there is..such a positive and pretty colour pallette bordering the ribbon of tarmac)..I picked Rosebay Willowherb...(for the picture -  in my head - not on the hard shoulder)

In the true spirit of Being Creative I decided to try something new and out of my comfort zone...
I enthusiastically ripped the plastic off a new set of watercolour pencils and opened the watercolour sketchbook with trepidation! (Yes, it was a mixture of emotions!!)
I began with a few sketch ideas to get a feel of the media, and the dived in headfirst!!
That's the point where I especially should have strolled....

As a first attempt I'm quite certainly ticks the 'I've tried something different' box
and it has reminded me of some other factors:  I like to race with the wind in my hair before I have even taken a few wobbly steps; I'd love the finished article on paper  to look identical to the beautiful image in my head; I am so enthusiastic to keep the momentum going I power onto the next stage before the last one dries; I am aware of the benefits of relaxation and going with the flow; I am still trying to disguise all my 'could try harder's into positives!

It looks a bit more peaceful country garden than gritty roadside ...but again...thats what makes me appreciate even more the talents of people who can make a picture look like how they had imagined it to be, or what the viewer would like to see!

I have enjoyed this whole process once again, Thank you to Julia for the inspirational topics and to all the wonderful comments  that flutter across the ether and land here. Its so great to be able to share everyone's creations.

I will leave you with one of my rough sketches which, because I was still fairly relaxed, turned out more like what I had in my head than the real thing!


Tracey Todhunter said...

I like th erough sketch. Congratulations on trying something new. Hope you are all having a lovely summer.
Tracey x

Rainy Day Crafter said...

I really do love both of your pieces - I think the rough sketch is so delicate and pretty, and I think your main piece is just lovely. I do actually think that you've captured the motorway setting with the road and barrier, and then your eyes move past that to the gorgeous flowers and fields beyond - which is exactly how it usually happens when I'm travelling down the motorway! :)

By the way, I love your flower loomed flowers from some of your other posts - so pretty! :)

Biba said...


ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Ali, I really like your sketch! It has that ethereal quality that watercolour captures so well, and I can imagine a whole row of those rosebay willowherbs looking stunning! Well done for trying something new, it's so easy to stay within our felty comfort zones (I've deleted 2 posts of my current 'work in progress' lino prints, so you are braver than me!!)
Liz x

Melody said...

Yeahhhh! It's lovely! AND, i've been introduced to a new flower i'm not familar with! That's what i love about the www and this group, it broadens our horizons and teaches us new things, and we have fun doing it!
p.s. I discovered watercolor pencils a few years ago and I think i've become addicted!

Katie said...

Lovely, definitely summery :-)

Donna said...

Hi Ali, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I love your watercolours, well done for stepping out of your comfort zone. The rough sketch is great, you should do a mass of them, all lovely pinks and greens - just like the ones that are in my garden! Donna

Jenny Blair said...

oh I love your Rose Bay willow herb paintings and i especially love that you stepped out of comfort zone and dived in.:)
I like to think that waiting to walk before we run often stops us from even trying...and what a safe but pretty non-exciting life that would be. LOVE love your little dewy bursts of colour and adventure.
Big hugs from another sprinter :)x

Becky J said...

It's definitely good to break out of the comfort zone once in a while and try something new. I haven't used watercolour pencils in ages, but you have reminded me of how subtle and delicate they can be. Well done - you should try some ACEOs with them, bet they would look lovely.
Becky x

Julia said...

Oh my, I'm so pleased that you went and tried something completely new! Well done, and thank you for sharing your work, I am really liking the delicate nature of your drawings, the subject you chose is really interesting too - I was just myself recently admiring the amazing array of wildflowers on the side of the roads, so pretty!
Sending love, Julia x x x

Ali said...

Thank you for all your fabulously positive and extremely encouraging comments.. you have changed my mind and I've decided not to bury the pencils away forever!
Bloggers rock!!
Ali x

Creative Chaos Art said...

I love the softness of the rough sketch, really lovely! And you're certainly not alone in things never looking like they do in your head - it's a regular frustration of mine!
Helen x

Anonymous said...

Well done on trying something new... so delicate that rough sketch, pretty. I think the brilliant thing with the project is that it allows your imagination free rein and then tempts you to try something different or new.
Maggie at