Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Backs to front!

I've been experimenting this week with lots of ideas for presents, Christmas and birthdays..
I have invested in a bamboo mat, used some 'tutu' net...and re-read some helpful tutorials.
I have also tried to find the optimum winter photo taking position, especially as we have had a few dull grey days.

So.... I have been able to create some more regular shaped 'backs'
  instead of this....

I have learned how to make this..
can't show you the front yet...its a secret..but you might be able to spot a hint of  pink?!
I do have to say though that I like both types of back, the first being a bit more organic..at least I can choose the effect I would like now!

I have made some flat pieces for decorations - these will be double sided so you can see the fronts

and the backs...

I just have to learn to let go now and cut into them!!


Melody said...

Mysterious world traveler M.M.McB here.... :))))
Learning to let go is hard to do huh?
You CAN do it though, some nice sharp scissors and off you go; *snip*snip*snip* !! :)
Lovely colors... I can't wait to see what happens next???

Melody said...

How do you make the photo collagey thing at the top?? Is that a blog spot thing, or a photos on your computer thing? (as you can tell, i've REALLY technical when it comes to computers...)

Tracey Todhunter said...

Go on - be brave - cut them and show us what marvellous things you've created :)

Ali said...

Good news!! I have been brave and done some snipping today!
Melody M McB - my blog pictures are hosted in Picasa web albums...so I downloaded Picasa3 to my pc and it lets me create all sorts of wonderful mosaics from photos stored on my computer..still having fun fiddling and finding my way! I'm sure there must be other photo manipulating software out there...in the spirit of fairness! I only found all this out after my missing picture mystery - which was solved with something else entirely! x

Melody said...

I will have to have a little look around on Picasa.... thanks for the tip! :))))

Jenny Blair said...

ooh well done on the snipping!..Not sure I could have gone through with it! I find it hard to cut through newly bought fabric never mind hand made gorgeousness!
looking forward to seeing what you make with this felty goodness.
Ps LOVE your firey felt pieces...such a lovely flame effect you've captured x