Sunday, 13 November 2011

Birthday Flowers

There have been two close family birthdays this week. I have given you a sneak preview of their presents:

Here they are in their full glory:

A felty Fuschia  - all wetfelted with mainly shetland, the odd whisp of silk, sari silk and some hand spun and dyed Teeswater yarn from Highside Farm.


a wet and needlefelted poppy...
inspired by this summer photo

I am always learning as I try out new things. 
The poppy started out with four distinct shetland top petals, and I added water to the completely laid out pattern,

however when it dried I wasn't  happy with it as a poppy shape so I placed more blended tops and made it a bit more random!

...and finished it off with a needlefelted middle!

Happy Birthday to two special people!

PS I've had a play with some of my settings so I could display larger images as always much appreciated!


Tracey Todhunter said...

Those are amazing Ali, especially the Fuschia, I really love it.These are some of your best yet I think.

Melody said...

They came out great, wonderful colors!!
I love the picture of the Poppy pre felting, it looks like a soft focus pastel drawing! :))

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Absolutely beautiful - how lovely to receive a card like these two! I expect they'll be framed and treasured for many years to come, Ali. Your felting is getting better and better - keep up the gorgeous work,
Liz xx

Linnhe Mara said...

I love the random look of the poppy, good call. The bigger images are a hit too.

Starfish Studio said...

I love the poppy - the needlefelted middle finishes it off perfectly.
Lovely gifts = lucky family :)
Kate x

Sarah said...

Loving the flowers! There are some very lucky people out there!
Sarah x

Karen said...

Brilliant - as ever! Lucky people - they really do have depth to them and I'm always amazed by how mellow and yet vibrant your pieces are if that's not a contradiction! xx

Becky J said...

I love your poppy but, for me, the fuschia is stunning. Such beautiful colours and perfectly formed petals with the stamens hanging down. Just beautiful. And as Liz, said they will most certainly be framed and treasured for long to come.
Becky x