Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Festive Felt!

Way back in November I was considering posting an item everyday through Advent, however it soon became apparent that was going to be tricky, increasing the blog writing at the busiest time of year..so here's a bumper blog bundle of festive feltiness!

the thick slices of felt became these snowy trees, with sparkly angelina fibres and silky bits

 some were double sided:

with sari silk spatterings

Festive felty cheer:

 The red wool was left over from Tracey's felted bag...

There are two types of Robin flying around the country!


 and 3d

did you guess that's what the brown spheres were going to become?!
Every one is totally different  - the last one is an alpaca version.
All finished off with some wonderfully red teeswater curls.
My technique varied as I made them. Some had small splits or flaps - most of which were felted in however I took advantage of this one and made it into a design feature!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!!
Hope you all have a peaceful and happy Christmas


Unknown said...

Oh so cute, Ali!!! The Teeswater curls work a treat.
Your xmas trees are beautiful too. What are you going to do with them?
Becky x

Ali said...

Hi Becky - rather un-originally the trees have been strung so they can hang somewhere - a lot of them are probably too large to go on a tree but I'm sure the recipients will find somewhere to put them! I forgot to say in the post that the only item we still have in the house is a small 3d Robin who missed out on the photo shoot (he was hiding away at the time)...the others are all wrapped, sent and some I know are already in Christmassy positions!!

Starfish Studio said...

I love the clever way you've used buttons for the 'Ho Ho Ho's! The robins are gorgeous - I'd have found it very difficult to part with them.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Kate x

Melody said...

How completely adorable are those little birds!?!
I love the Ho HO Ho ~ what a GREAT idea! And the tree with the colorful strands!
You have been EXCEPTIONALLY crafty! :))))
Really good stuff!
Hope you have a wonderful and happy Christmas!
Melody :))))

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What a superb collection of festive felty treats, Ali!! I love your trees with all those lovely textures and colours - leaving the bottom edge undulating rather than cutting it straight is really effective, I think. And as for those robins - what cheeky characters! My guess was wrong, I thought the felt balls were destined to become inedible Christmas puds - the robins are a much better idea :)
Liz xx

Sarah said...

Ahhh! I love your robins. They are so cute!

carrad said...

I just love your robins! Am inspired to follow your blog, hope you could pop by and follow mine - we who have few followers need lots more to share our woolliness! Crafty love, C xxx