Thursday, 15 December 2011

Snail Mail Holiday Swap

I've been really excited about the Snail Mail Holiday Swap hosted by Tracey and Emma - the planning, cyber-meeting, making, posting, waiting and receiving! 
My partner is  Jay and I am amazed how she is able to make such fantastic goodies, participate in festive events and meet her essay deadlines!
This week 2 almost identical squidgy packages arrived, they were nearly the same but one jingled when shaken!

Inside such temptingly squashy parcels....

 Perfect mini festive my team's home colours!
Mr Hedgehog...complete with cuddly red scarf. We captured on video a wandering hedgehog meandering across our frozen lawn last winter leaving a spiky now we have a much softer and warmer reminder!

Mr Penguin - the source of the jingling on his lovely looooooong striped headwear!

This little girl reminds me of my younger days - her hat is fab - its so long I'm sure she could sit on it! I had knitted hats as a child too - but not of this magnificence!
Jay has obviously spent lots of time with her yarn and needles creating such cute and intricate Christmas goodies.
Whilst not wishing to detract from the swap... our tree (chosen brilliantly by RW Jnr) has  these cool candle like protuberances on the top branches - we think they're quite effective!

I'd like to say a big thank you to Tracey and Emma for the swap hosting and admin, and a huge, hot chocolate flavoured, cup cake sweetened, woolly warming thank you to Jay for your e-mails, inspiring ideas and wonderful woolly creations!
I have several ideas to try in the new year thanks to Jay!
Swapping has been really fun!


Becky J said...

What lovely goodies you have received in your swap. The little girl is a real cutie!
Becky x

Creative Chaos Art said...

The penguin and little girl are gorgeous! :)
Helen x

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for taking part, I'm glad you had such a lovely parcel xxxx