Monday, 12 December 2011

Being Creative - Vintage

I knew this post would be slightly late...but I didn't realise how delayed it would be!
We have only just got the big bulging box of decorations from the shelf, I was looking forward to exploring and reaquainting myself with the happy memories of Christmas past...already planning which ornaments would adorn this post:

Grandma's swan and bell - blue was her favourite colour!
Both still have some genuinely ancient wiring!

one of many retro designs from my childhood tree...
...and another

I remember helping to make these....there was one that had a purple velvet band with pearly sequins and some of mum's tatting;  a large one with  strings and a (made by mum) basket attached -  in which Santa perched in his hot air balloon, given to Grandad; and Grandma had a one covered in tatting and sparkles. 
The sparkles came from a small flat screw top jar full of jewels of all colours shapes and sizes which I think is still in operation in mum's craft collection.

Right at the bottom of the large decoration storage box lays a box that is unopened each year..I thought it contained Grandad's tree lights, which are no longer viable. I intended to photograph the lights as they were so quirky - a smiling Father Christmas face, a green parrot, a pink chinese lantern...
however I found these instead....

ornaments from his shiny Christmas tree that stood on a blue patterned plinth, they are wrapped in THE most soft toilet paper!!

I also found these:

I had to warn RW Junior that if you poked the tempting indented ones they break easily....I remember that well!!
The bottom row third from the left is a nutmeg shape!
I'm not sure where the lights are but I am soooo pleased these saw the light of day.

We have many decorations on our tree - old and new...each has its own well loved story and I hope we will pass on those tales to the next generation.....and beyond.

My favourite vintage decoration is from my Grandad's tree and hangs on mum and dad's tree brother and I love it - and I'm sure it will appear in a post over Christmas......
in the meantime Happy Advent to you all. xx


Tracey said...

Ah yes, I remember how those glass decorations would break at the slightest touch ... probably why my sister had the job of putting them on the tree while I was in charge of tinsel :)

Linnhe Mara said...

I'm sad to say that while I have many memories of decorations from my childhood none of the actual decorations are in my possession. How lucky you are to have them.

Starfish Studio said...

Same here Linnhe - maybe my parents have them tucked away somewhere but I'm pretty sure they went for the sleek, co-ordinated look a few years ago and chucked out all the old, mismatched stuff.
I do have many memories of opening the decorations box to find broken bits of glass baubles :(
Ali - have you seen this blog about some amazing knit graffiti in Birmingham?

Melody said...

Beautiful ornaments...beautiful memories.... Ahhhhh Christmas time. :)))))
I find it's also the time of year i waver some place between giddy delight and out right panic over what needs to get done! ha ha
Have fun, and enjoy your vintage baubles! :)))))

Donna said...

These are beautiful. I didn't keep any of our decorations - went through a phase of only wanting things in certain colours - I'm very sorry now that I didn't keep them. Yours have brought back a lot of memories - we used to have some lovely glass boots that were my favourites.